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North Koreans survive by paying bribes: U.N. report

By Stephanie Nebehay

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Pretty much how most dictator-led countries work. Funny that so many travels romanticize about the place and wan to go there. Your money directly supporting these atrocities.

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Bribes are the way of life in mainland Asia, for Korea, Viet Nam or China. South Viet Nam was trying to eliminate this and change the culture when the north took over. South Korea is not nearly as bad as the north.

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Unfortunately, There is no need for sympathy in North Korea.

Even if we provide food support, it does not reach the people.

Save the children(NGO) also fled.

Sell ​​your weapons and tell them to buy food.

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Bribes, corruption, fraud - no wonder Donnie and Kim are "in love"....two of a kind....

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Travelmaster: "Sell ​​your weapons and tell them to buy food." Sell your weapons and be invaded by the US. Why not try removing sanctions?

Furthermore, the US bribes UN member nations into supporting the US in resolutions - support us or we will stop your foreign aid!

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Why not try removing sanctions?

Sorry, i can not make it.

contributions to the United Nations is not bribery.

Please pay before complaining.

It is a blackmail to demand help using self defense system.

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"North Korea blames the dire humanitarian situation on U.N. sanctions imposed for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs since 2006."

I'm pretty sure North Koreans have been starving since long before 2006...

Sell ​​your weapons and tell them to buy food." Sell your weapons and be invaded by the US. Why not try removing sanctions?

Yes, it's the United State's fault that North Korea has been ruled by a family of insane dictators more concerned with power than feeding their people. That totally makes sense...

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