Arctic blast breaks U.S. wind-chill record


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It ain’t that bad. I am starting to identify with colloquial language. Not like the 2016 minus 18 degrees Fahrenheit in Alexandria, Va area.

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In Montreal the biggest city in Quebec, Canada, a 74 year old man sheltering under a bridge was discovered frozen on Friday, 3rd February. Why was the poor homeless man frozened to death when the Arctic cold snap for Friday, 3rd -26Celsius and Saturday -22Celsius was already predicted one week ago? Montreal's mayor Valerie Plante regretted the homeless man's death and vowed not to let a future death from cold in the city happen again.

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@Stephen Chin - people are free to decide to stay outside if that's their wish. Nobody can legally force them inside. Also, some people don't watch weather forecasts. I don't, unless I'm planning something where the weather will matter.

Right now, here: Temperature: 15.6°C (60°F) Shorts -n- t-shirt weather.

I've been out working in -40 °C/°F weather a few times. (at -40, the scale crosses) One of those times was completely still, so it was cold, but not especially so. Normal "bundle up" worked. The other time, the winds were strong and it felt extremely cold - cover everything you have and wear goggles cold. Brrrrrr.

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