Norway boosts quotas to revive whaling

By Pierre-Henry DESHAYES

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When will these countries, including Japan, realize that, whaling is no longer a commercially viable enterprise and give up this time and money wasting farce? When whaling was in full swing over 90% of the whale was used to get meat and oil from the blubber. However, these countries are only interested in the meat, which is only around 30-40% of the whale. The rest is not used and discarded. This makes this practice nearly as wasteful as shark finning and equally as unpopular.

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Whale meat is delicious and healthy. Good to see Iceland and Norway back in the game.

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All meat is sacred and eating animals is theoretically a cannibalism, of less development species, no doubt. However, egocentric human scum is too busy staying drunk the joy and taste of consuming foreign flesh just to feel good. They refuse to get on with the times (meat is not anymore required to survive, survival against nature is over) and development and surpass their impure position they have consolidated over many centuries. And they worst thing is, someone actually finds pride in having slaughtered and consumed another being. Such a species I got rolled in.

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28 percent increase of its annual whaling quota

The number of whales killed has also plunged from 660 in 2015 to 432 last year

Stupid desperate useless measure to continue with the "don't tell me what to do" petty attitude.

No worry, whaling will soon disappear.

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This is a shame. I hope activists will do all they can to prevent this slaughter of cetaceans.

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Good to hear Norway is upping their quotas. Whales aren’t remotely endangered so the hunts should be upped worldwide and even spread to other not yet whaling maritime and even landlocked nations to improve economic activity.

You won’t see any virtue signalers take on Norway either, they are not brave enough for that.

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eating animals is theoretically a cannibalism, 

Huh? I think you need to get yourself to a dictionary.

Humans are omnivores. We are built that way. I lead a life of privilege, in a land of plenty, and am able to choose to live meat-free. That is my personal choice and I'm lucky to have access to fresh fruit and veg year round. Not everyone can or wants to make that choice.

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Done in their waters, not a whale reserve on the farrest side of the world.

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Give it up. The only European/EU country which is still whale hunting and like in Iceland the majority of the people no longer eat it.

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Good for Norway, Iceland and Japan for choosing to maintain their traditions and consume what they please without imposing their values on others. You do not like it? You do not have to. Feed your vegan diet to your children and pets. As for the rest of us, food security through the sustainable use and conservation of all marine species is our choice.

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Bots had a whale of time

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