Norway gunman sane, says new psychiatric probe


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Well, he certainly is one crazy sane person.

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I'm Norwegian, and have to say I'm very relieved at the conclusion made by the court psychiatrists. If Breivik had been found insane, he would've been sentenced to psychiatric care, thus being released back into society whenever he had been deemed to be well.

I don't believe he's insane (per se)....he just has insane ideas in the same way as Stalin or Hitler did. This is what happens when ideologies go too far without interference.

I do understand why a lot of people would want to see him get the death penalty. However, it would only serve his ends....he would be able to consider himself a martyr dying gloriously for his cause, with the expectation that he would serve to inspire generations after him. Also worth mentioning; death penalty is illegal in Norway.

That's not the way I want him to go, anyway....when he goes, he should feel lower than a turd under a shoe....he should spend life in prison with access to media, so he can see all the ridicule against him, people mocking him and his ideas, and the fact that nothing he did moved Norwegian politics anywhere near his direction. I want him to see that Norway is becoming more diverse each year, and embraces more cultures than ever before....all of his worst nightmares should come true while he's still alive. I hope he lives a long and awful life behind bars, forever knowing that he never made a difference. If he ever gets out, that will probably be the time he gets his death sentence.

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He's not crazy, he's evil....?

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He looks pretty insane to me.

Definitely one of those rare occasions where the death penalty is more than warranted.

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There is no such thing as an evil person but a peron can commit acts considered evil by most.

I would suggest that he is mad but then so do many others. The death penalty is wished by those who observe life in simple black and white means. Society helps form and shape everyone from birth and during formative years? It is far easier and lazy to label people rather than to look deeper into the matter. Wishing the man dead is having a dark ages mind set, luckily Norway is grown up and has no death penalty.

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