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Nude photos of Prince Harry are genuine: palace


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Such important news. I shudder to think what would happen to the world without this clarified!

Sigh. Why not just leave this garbage for the checkout counter tabloid rags?

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The only winner ... Wynn resorts, free publicity!

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Better Harry than Philip. Or Liz.

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This is EXACTLY how a Prince should behave. all this goody goody nonsense is just not royal.

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Good for him! I am glad he's acting human. If this were me being under the microscope, I would be banned to reside on this planet. It is no joke.

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And just to add a little note,

ALL men act this way or worse, it's in our nature.

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Guess it is the bare truth ;) Think you are right zichi

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“He’s a great guy, and it was a huge honor to meet him,” Lochte was quoted as saying, adding: “I definitely wasn’t going to take it easy on him!”

Exactly. The Prince is a party-hardy guy, in the spirit of many servicemen. And Las Vegas doesn't have the slogan "That what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" for nothing. Good on him.

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This is nothing when compared with centuries of debauchery by members of the royal family. Must be a part of their DNA?

Bloody Germans.

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I've got no problem with Harry getting faceless, legless, naked or whatever and wherever. What I do have a problem is that he (and his family) expect lesser mortals to pay the bills. And wave flags at his Mum.

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Like father, like son.

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@CrazyJoe. You mean James Hewitt right?

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What I do have a problem is that he (and his family) expect lesser mortals to pay the bills.

i thought the royal family is well off in its own right?

personally, i think he needs to give the japanese prince some lessons!

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Poor lad. Centuries of inbreeding doesn't produce good results.

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The only thing that surprises me is that it took as long as it did for something like this to happen.

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Bent over naked behind someone naked whom they couldn't tell if they were male or female? I think that is a pretty important thing to find out. The pictures were great.

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Saw the pics, Dirty Harry indeed. :)

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So he paraded his twig and veggies among other naked consenting people.

Whoopie, equals no news. many people do that but because he is royalty it is news.


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private pictures in a private room stolen off of someone's phone.

Where's the scandal?

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Ironically enough perhaps, they are not allowing the photos to be shown in the U.K., which has been commented on by some news source as being because papers are now too afraid of controversy. I don't really think that's the really they're not allowing them however.

I don't have a problem with people getting naked, that's for sure! LOL But you'd think big name stars, celebrities or royalty (in this case) would be more circumscribe because surely such photos or videos will get out at some point. If they don't want them out there, I'd take more care.

I'm no celebrity, but I've done my share of partying and nonsense, and there's only one vid I know of out there, but my good friends are nice enough not to share it around. In every other case I made sure no pics, vids, and to collect them if there were!

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Oh dear me,tut,tut,to the tower with him, the only place where the crown jewels should be displayed to the public!

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No nudes is good news.

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Many ladies will pay for this pics and if the showed his twig and veggies he might might Playgirl, etc.

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Nothing illegal or amoral, done in private (except somebody leaked it). Eh.

Just choose your friends more carefully.

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Strip billiards? His family should take up this noble pursuit instead of drilling holes through the heads of deer with shotguns. They could televise it in place of that droning boredom of the queen's speech.

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3 cheers for Harry

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Known for his playboy reputation.....he caused outrage in 2005 when photographs of him attending a fancy-dress party wearing a swastika armband appeared in the press.....forced to apologize in 2009 when video footage emerged of him calling an Asian colleague "our little Paki friend".....the prince has also been pictured scuffling with a photographer.....admitted to drinking under-age and smoking cannabis......

But has recently presented a more grown-up image and stood in for the queen at the Olympics closing ceremony!

Wow. What a solid citizen.

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Silly old Harry. But it's on his holiday, he's single, he does service in the military - and it was Vegas after all.

The person I condemn is that one who took and sold the photo. Can't trust anyone these days.

I just feel sorry for his grandma. After doing the helicopter thing and everything and the royals finally in the good books, Harry goes and messes up again. The Queen will probably slap him and say "Baka!"

He needs better minders/friends.

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Give him a break. The man went to war when he could have just as easily stayed home with his pick of female companionship. He needs better mates, is all.

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Do not get too shocked as he has everything you and I have.

No fuss, no problem here. Just do not get too excited.

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warnerbro: Give him a break. The man went to war when he could have just as easily stayed home with his pick of female companionship. He needs better mates, is all.

Amen! Also, he was qualified as a tank commander, then later an Apache helicopter pilot (no easy feat). I respect the guy and the real problem here was that his "friends" let him down by violating his privacy.

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