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NZ's Ardern visits Antarctica to highlight climate change challenges

By Lucy Craymer

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...and I am sure she rowed there in a kayak made of naturally sourced materials too. Otherwise, she is adding to the CO2 in the atmosphere for no purpose other than a photo op.

I see that the climate change deniers are out in force with predictably adolescent comments about how she should have rowed or swam because otherwise it's hypocrisy and blah blah blah.

...Rather than than engage on the important issue about the threat that climate change poses to not only our way of life but the lives of the generations that come after us. Who cares about that when you can score schoolyard points that a woman had the temerity to get on an aeroplane.

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both Russia and China have invested in their capability and presence in Antarctica, and Western governments have responded in similar fashion.

The warmongering anti-west climate change deniers will probably once again try to claim that 'western governments' are provoking Russia and China by responding similarly. The Russia/China/Iran/North Korea bloc along with who knows which other authoritarian nations will do whatever they can to ensure this decade is the most dangerous since WW2 , like their idol Putin has claimed. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-63417487

That the peoples of the USSR sacrificed greatly in WW2 cannot be denied, I'm not sorry though that the failed Stalin-Hitler (Molotov-Ribbentrov Pact did not turn out favoring brutal totalitarian nations like Nazi Germany and Stalinist USSR.

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if she is there may ask abt impact of farts of polar bears on global warming...?

There are no bears in the antarctic. Patagonia had some huge, bear-like creatures, but they weren't bears. Milodon https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4c/Milodon.JPG if you want to see an image. For scale, that animal standing is about 12 ft (3.6+m) tall. They've been extinct about 5000 yrs. Today, the largest animals are Guanacos (Llama family). I have a photo with me standing under the claws of that milodon model with my head just a little higher than the bottom of the right armpit. I'm 182 cm tall. Approximate GPS: 51°33'55.5"S, 72°37'17.1"W

Her 72 hr trip was on a C-130 built in the US-GA Lockheed-Martin plant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zCb3xnN2YQ

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Careful Jacinda, all that hot air will melt the glaciers.

And how did you get there? Row your little boat?

Tell me why anyone should listen to a thing this hypocrite says.

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...and she went there by..... plane? when all the politicians and other sundry 'experts' stop making livings and careers out of pointing out how bad everything is and actually do something, mayyyyybe we'll move towards being in better shape. meanwhile people jet into Hobart to talk about conservation.... a touch paradoxical perhaps?

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...and I am sure she rowed there in a kayak made of naturally sourced materials too. Otherwise, she is adding to the CO2 in the atmosphere for no purpose other than a photo op. No reason she can't do the meeting by Zoom, is there?

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