NZ quake toll rises to 160; many still missing


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Cops finally banned a Japanese journalist after he pushed a police commamder, dickheads pushing way beyond anything they would try at home. Should have done a Bethune and charged him with criminal assault.

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Japan - p1ssing people off the world over!

Not only was a Japanese reporter arrested last week trying to break into the hospital, now a Japanese report gets physically aggressive with the police commissioner, also there are now complaints of reporters taking photos of people during the 2 minutes silence. Then there was the interview with the Japanese reporter who starts questioning the buildings structure when asked about the relatives of the victims. Give it a rest people l understand a few Japanese where killed and that is terribly sad but you do not have a monopoly on grief and your behaviour is disgusting.

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Extremely well said, AdamB. The conduct of some Japanese reporters in Chch has been sickening. I have seen them inside the police cordon tape filming, not to mention trespassing on private property and going right up onto peoples' front porches with their cameras. My (Japanese) boss informed me this morning that the reason Japanese citizens are so angry with NZ is because taking care of the Japanese families, showing them where their family members died, etc, seems to be last on the list of priorities of the rescue workers and city officials. OF COURSE IT IS!! They are still pulling body parts out of the rubble, for God's sake, and Japan is certainly not the only country that has lost citizens. And as for questioning NZ's building standards - we have some of the highest building standards in the world, which was why Christchurch sustained so little damage (comparatively) during the first 7.1 earthquake in September (which Japanese media barely bothered to report on at the time). They are saying the CTV building had 'cracks' after the first quake. Half the buildings in Kobe still have cracks from the 1995 quake!! I'm sure many of them wouldn't stand up to another big earthquake, but the government haven't bothered to do anything about them. It makes me sick that, in typical Japanese fashion, they are just looking for someone to blame.

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Well said AdamB and KatieM......agree wholeheartedly!

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My heart goes out to all the anguished families. Some are probably still be hoping against all hope. What a horrible, horrible situation to be in.

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"The trip was kept private from news crews."

Thank the lord for that. THAT is definitely unlike how the case would be in Japan. In fact, you can see that from the news about Japanese camera-people and reporters trying to push their way (and assault... literally) to get the news. I'll never forget when I went to the Vietnam War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City and there were some gruesome displays of babies that had died and were extremely deformed from Agent Orange (there's one of a baby with two heads). Some Japanese guy started taking pictures of them, and when a British person exclaimed how disgusting it was (the picture taking) the guy literally ran away.

It's a devastating event that occurred here, and extremely sad to hear that some may never be found/identified, but to hear that the J-media is at it again just makes it more disgusting.

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Agree with AdamB & KaiteM, the japanese families were shown the sites where their loved ones are entombed.

The J media has behaved very badly in NZ breaking cordons, breaking into hospitals, assaulting the police commander, how would this go down in Japan if they tried that shit on?

These guys need to grow up and act like they are mature enough to be doing the job properly.

I heard there is about 500 world media in CH CH at the moment and its only the Japanese ones behaving badly.

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Agree with everyone that the world's media (other than New Zealand's of course) has been sickening. Each country who has quake victims seem to only care about their own victims. It's horrible! Shame on all of them! In a time like this, they should all band together and stay out of the way of the rescue teams and let them do their job.

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It will take a miracle at this point to find survivors. Please let there be a miracle.

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Sarge, no such things as miracles in real life. 1 week and the rescue efforts are now officially recovery. Sad news for friends and family.

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spuds, there have been cases of survivors being pulled from collapsed buildings more than a week later.

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Agreed there have been but each scene is different and it takes a lot of circumstances to come together to let someone survive beyond 3 days(dying due to dehydration, body not being able to purge itself and dies of poisoning).

The Rescuers are trained to judge those situations and issue a likelihood of survival changes.

Sad to say but it is very unlikely that there are any survivors.

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