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NZ searches for 231 Chinese students who arrived on fraudulently-obtained visas


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If the Chinese continue to play these games, they better get used to no one giving them visas period!

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Doesn't seem to be the case now does it?

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I wonder whether that Bo Guagua (or whatever his name was, the guy who wore make-up and drove fancy cars) got to UK and US on false pretenses too.

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As long as they got dollar, we will keep giving them visa.

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Well, Elbuda, I think zero. That normally only happens to illegal immigrants.

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Bet these dodgy agents in China are faking info for Chinese people who want to work/study in other countries too. The visa laws have been loosened for Chinese people wanting to come to Japan so I wonder if Japan will look into this as well. Fake bank statements and qualifications are probably the two most important documents for getting a visa. Very dodgy stuff from the masters of fake things and rip-offs!

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