Obama advisers say plan would create up to 4.1 million jobs


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I'm not so sure that this will create 4.1 million jobs, but I am sure that this will create even bigger deficits.

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It's awesome news to hear Obama wants to invest in green jobs and focus on developing renewable energy.

Unfortunately, he'll need to spend massively to help rectify the now exetremely serious recession triggered in no small part by the out-of-control spending policies and spending bill rubber-stamping of the Bush administration that people like Sarge voted for - twice - and now have totally reversed themselves and started calling for fiscal restraint when they have had the last 8 years to do so but never did.

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Well put. Unfortunately, this type of mud slinging and hope for the other side to do bad is not uncommon for either side. I just hope that some amount of jobs come out of this so we can at least keep the recession from getting worse. After all, FDR didn't get us out of the depression in the 30s, he just kept it from getting worse. Hopefully, however, what got the US out of the first depression won't be the solution for this one. While the problems are similar, they are in no way identical.

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At least Barack Obama is trying to get jobs here in the US instead of finding a new way to send jobs out of the country, or giving more tax breaks to send jobs away.

But let's be critical of something new. We know the old way is a failure, but bitch and moan about an alternative. < :-)

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Obama has four years to play around...then we can flush the toilet.

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Obama acknowledged that he would be forced to recant some of his campaign promises

Nooo!! That cant be true. Althouhg I am to young to vote I believed him when he said would he'd do all that he promised to do. I even voted for him several times on alot of internet poling sights. Thats how much I believe in him. Maybe my mom and dad were right about him. :(

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but I am sure that this will create even bigger deficits.

Well why would you say that Sarge? Could it be the everyone with a pulse is saying so? Proclaiming that the sun rises from the east doesn't make one insightful.

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Obama should do it right for global and US in job creations and global economic confidence rebuilding . Sucees must make, Made in USA products sucessful and competitive in global markets. Global food products made in USA, is good export deal. The aircraft industry via Boeing and GE aircraft engines also has good export potential in coming years and is good deal. Boeing satellite business also can do well given the rise of affluence in many other parts of world.

USA computing hardware industry and software need to expand more via Goggle,Dell,HP,intel,IBM,apple,AMD,Motorola and any others. There plenty more jobs in this computing hardware,search engine industry and software industry. Caterpillar and other USA construction machinery industries should create more jobs via rise in infra expenditures with rising house demand in future in USA and elsewhere.

USA entertainment jobs should expand more globally,via Warner,Sony Pictures,Walt disney and many others. There should more tie ups between hollywood and asian entertainment industries to expand jobs in entertainment world. Obama ,democrat supporters and other global rich corporations should rebuild economic confidence in USA,Asia,Africa and elsewhere.

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Obama's campaign was full of promises, as are all elections, but-- in the aftermath, you soon learn his feet are made of clay. Too bad he didn't experience the great depression, he would realize what the politicians have wrought and from which we the people may hopefully escape......... It was a Democrat (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) who brought us out of the Great Depression, so Obama (Also a Democrat) has something to emulate.

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Hey who cares about a job, I want Obama to pay my mortgage, put gas in my car and give me a George Foreman grill.

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Considering that we haven't yet flushed after nearly 8 years, that would be a net improvement in domestic tidiness.

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