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Obama ambassador pick embraces criticism of China


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China bashing, as with patronizing Israel, is part of the right of passage to American politics. McCain is the sort of guy who loves the Arabs for their human rights violations against women, but attacks Russia and China on their laws against homosexuals. You notice he does not criticize which recently passed a law banning homosexuality. He is the biggest phony in the world. Small wonder he lost twice in presidential races.

As to fair reporting, this article's matter of factly statement that Japan and other countries denounced the Chinese ADIZ is false. Only Japan did that. The US only said it was a unilateral attempt to change status quo, not that it was illegal or anything. Other countries didn't even say that.

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“He made a very important statement,” Baucus said of McCain. “I try not to get too involved in motives. I’d rather focus more on their actions and try to find common ground as best I can and find solutions that are grounded in reality.”

Baucuswas doing right move in terms of avoiding pining down McCain's secretive motive at the confirmation hearing. On the hill, McCain and another Republican hawkish pundit, Lindsay Graham, are known for deeply entrenched with the defense complex.

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McCain is a veteran and a true American. Seems we will have an Ambassador to the People's Dictatorship of China who will have both eyes open.

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I have never seen any US Veteran statesmen or current Commander of US sevennth fleet has ever gained any respect from the PRC. Because their servicemen/women 's lives count on Chinese government's will of how much honourable as if they were deserved! At least the 38th parallel, the Taiwan strait and the south China sea is a matter of PRC's policy and that matters many American's lives! If Mr Baucus talks tenderly will help the peace in Asia otherwise with the attitude like Mr McCain's reckless encounter with Putin if he is going to do to PRC, is a total castastrophy!

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Oh, why didn't Obama pick Caroline Kennedy for that position? I'm sure she would have done a swell job in China. Could have brought some much needed Camelot to Beijing.

Oh, my bad. An experienced person is needed for the position.

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agree, Kennedy would have been a better pick. some bloke critiiscising China will not be succesful.

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Max Baucus, an experienced power broker with distinguished service records on Capitol Hill, should be a good fit the spot.

Here is a thing: it doesn’t matter who will be the next ambassador to China, he or she must protect American’s best national interests. In addition, no one in the right mind would ignore the reality of rising China.

Recently, Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, said “ “One could think very well that the 21st century … could be China’s century, but they won’t own every year.”

In case, anyone is interested, here is an article written by David Alexander published on Reuters's website today.


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I am very pleased with this ambassador pick to replace Gary Locke. This guy knows the stuffs when dealing with China. A great pick by Obama.

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It seems the ambassador is off to a good start. Let's see if he can tick off NK too.

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China bashing is part of the right of passage to American politics.

Because China makes it so easy, plus it deserves to be bashed for its one-sided domestic and international policies.

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Obama sure knows how to pick 'em, doesn't he?

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Obama sure knows how to pick 'em, doesn't he?

I agree. Upon reading what Sen. Max Baucus had to say, I agree he is the right choice at the right time.

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But does he twitter?

(Sorry, could not resist)

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The writer of this article clearly does not understand American politics, and he allowed his own bias on China to interpret the events. Wishful thinking. Very Japanese.

His so-called Baucus' "embraces of criticisms" of China are clearly not embraces but rather reluctant lip service to those PR seeking senators, just to get past this farce of a political circus. And those senators were not criticizing China either, but rather just using this opportunity to get on TV and score a few PR points.

They used to meet the Dalai Lama. But they don't dare to do that now, so they go after humane right violations. Tell me which country does not violate humane rights! The US is the largest violator in the world, and at the world wide scale too. Illegal wars, NSA spying, financial manipulation, you name it. There's nothing any country has done or could do in future that the US has not already done 100 times over.

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