Obama: America needs 'soul searching' on gun violence


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I disagree.

America needs stricter gun laws.

But wait! Stricter gun law's would take away the freedoms of hard-working Americans to shoot each other.

I get it, I get it!!

The ability to kill thy neighbor is far more important than the sanctity of life that so many conservative Americans trumpet needs protecting.

I get it, I get it!?

It's 'right' to stop abortions but once the baby's born, anything goes and it's open season.

I get it, I get it....?????

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Soul searching?! Nope. They need a pres with balls to deal with gun control. He's already stated he won't - his election is more important.

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More empty words and gestures but no action, that's what America needs.

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I guess thats how he tells his far left constituents that they're on their own when it comes to gun laws. Like I've said before, gun control is poison to any politician that wants to get re-elected.

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No end in sight. I can't see a presidential candidate in my lifetime having the confidence to make a stand on gun control. Let the killing continue....

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Obama: America needs 'soul searching' on gun violence

Heh, this coming from the guy who OK'd Fast and Furious, the unchecked giveaway of automatic weapons to drug lords, that led to the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and two U.S. Border agents.


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Folks, the name of game here is to re-elect him first, so that he can start working on this issue.

The gun control issue will be addressed to both candidates during public debates in October. It is unavoidable. Be prepared and listen up to them very carefully..We will go from there.

The problem is that these weapons are coming from China and Russia. We need to ban these massive gun exporting/importing business first.

Like I said before, America cannot advance to be a true leader and be respected in the world unless we take care of our own domestic terrorists first. America is not a combat zone and nobody are allowed to own Assualt Weapons committing massacres. No compromising and no Bull S@#ts here.

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The NRA is the only group that keeps choking up politicians on this issue.

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