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Scornful Syria hails 'historic American retreat' as Obama hesitates


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General Wesley Clarcke,retired, has openly told the media that back in 2007 he was informed of a plan to sinvade 7 countries in 5 years", including Syria. This latest threat by the US is no surprise. The biggest threat to world peace (and the holder of the biggest stockpile of chemicsl weapons) is the good ol' USA. WMD anyone?Anyone?

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The pols may be 50-50, but the PEOPLE are 90-10 against.

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Use the UN for this.

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The UN is useless.

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Okay, so the US bombs Syria. What is this going to accomplish, perhaps aside from the catharsis that the US went ahead and "did something"?

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Even N.Y.Times has a better head line stated that Obama "pulls lawmakers into box he made". To bomb or not to bomb, that is not the question; the lack of understanding and decisive of Obama's foreign policy such as missing the chance of the Arab springs and Syria's red line has raised America's credibility to the world. The age of stability in M.E. is passing and the new dawn of horror (chemical attacks) is emerging under Obama's narcissist behavior. When or how to punish Assad will carry on more drama since the day Obama pulled U.S. out of Iraq. Maybe Obama realizes that M.E. is not Chicago after all!

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For a lawless and barbaric nation (American Regime)..... violence is the only solution for those how dwell in hatred.

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FarmboySep. 02, 2013 - 07:47AM JST I saw the pictures of signs elsewhere in the news, people carrying banners that say, "Free the Syrian People!" or "Save the Children! I've got to tell you, whether or not Assad did the gassing, sending cruise missiles into a large city is not going to free anybody or save anybody.

It reminds me of the old Vietnam-era slogan, "Making War for Peace is like f'cking for virginity."

The simple fact is that the U.S. needs this war for economic reasons. The U.S. needs this war for international relations reasons, since their drone strikes killing civilians, their torture program, their kidnapping, etc, its becoming harder and harder to tell the U.S. apart from China in terms of human rights.

.. but no-one is falling for it.

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Wouldn't it be good if Congress turned this down? Then we would see Obama's true face.....

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I am basically all against the war, but I am not so sure about this CW use of Syria. Iran and NK are paying a close attention like hawks what US will do next. I have done my share serving my country, and hope my kids do not have to go to war like I did. I see some insensible posts on JT on this subject. For Americans, this is a very serious and a personal issue as listed below. Thanks.

Registration for the draft is a civic and legal responsibility in the United States. As of 2010, the law still requires all male citizens and permanent male aliens to register within 30 days of their 18th birthday. All men must report until age 26. Failure to comply is punishable by fines up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment. Registering for the draft can alleviate future roadblocks, and compliance is often a requirement for many federal jobs, student loans, grants and student aid.

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Not being american can't say if that ruling still applies, as a European we are NOT interested in another war and recently pulled our troops from the ME. BTW, we still got compulsory service for all males and voluntary for the females.

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Given past situations that we are faced with such as the wars of Iraq, Afganistan, and Somalia. I think President Obama did the right thing. He's faced with a lot of criticism for consulting or getting the final "go ahead" by the US Congress. GOD forbid another war, but whatever the case maybe, the President is a smart man for doing so. There's no weakness on his part. Trigger happy people are quick to point that he's weak. Not at all. The consequences are too much if he acts on this alone. He needs the support from his own people.

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Syria hailed a “historic American retreat” on Sunday, mockingly accusing President Barack Obama of hesitation and confusion after he delayed a military response to last month’s chemical weapons attack near Damascus until after a congressional vote.

In this case, Syria's words should be taken to mean the exact opposite. Obama should be hailed for having the courage to delay and think about what could become a very big mistake.

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So if the US attacked in the first place, it's not a retreat?

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Syria bombed Syria so we MUST bomb Syria to teach them that war is wrong! I also believe every word on CNN, to include that the rebels want Israel to bomb Syria... I didn't just drink the cool aid, I also had some Holy Milk!

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Maybe now Americans will see that arguing about Bush vs. Obama, red vs. blue, is like arguing about hamburger vs. cheeseburger. These guys are all the same on almost every major issue. There's only one party in the US: the corporate business corruption pay-to-play party.

And why would that be surprising? In any country where individual kinglike dictators or religious nutjobs don't control it all, this is and has been the default model. Good luck changing it.

And what about the jaw-droppingly exceptionalistic language of MSM articles like this one, that talk about Obama "punishing" Syria or a regime. An elected official sits on the throne like a global emperor, fully entitled to dole out punishment and death from the skies as he sees fit..spending my tax dollars and murdering Americans and foreigners in the process.

Who will punish the "punishers"?

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Assad is not a good guy, his people are being killed and it could be some kind of religious war. The Muslim Shiite vs. Sunni, not too sure who is who but they are each other's throats there in Syria, so hey get the USA etc..to bomb the crap out of your enemies?? What a mess! Assad, will sooner or later pay for his sins, but now Mr.Obama has to make sure that this Assad guy does not get to cocky and may have to get a good slap upside the head!

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Eluda Mexico

in Syria, so hey get the USA etc..to bomb the crap out of your enemies??

Bombing will not crap out of your enemies of Armed soldiers only! It will kill innocent civilians too. All bombs and missiles have no eyes and can not distinguish who are guilty or who are innocent. US has used chemical weapons for gassing militant civilians during Indo -China war such as Laos and Vietnam. It was a champion of gassing and killing. It has supplied chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein ruled Irag for killing Iranians too. US by itself killing machine of all deadly weapons. It has no moral high ground for lecturing and acting like responsible police.

Besides that Syria is not IRAQ. Attacking Syria will like facing multiple Arm Forces such as Hazzabollah of Lebano, Iran and the largest fish Russia. It will be harder than Irag war. Russia has sent two war ships into Mediterranean sea. I do not think they were there for helping US & Allies forces mission.


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Why does Syria want to start taunting the U.S. in this way? Obviously, Syria is trying to bolster their credibility domestically among their own supporters and to demoralize the opposition fighters.

By trying to taunt the U.S., Syria also may sway dissenters in Congress to side with striking Syria.

I'm not too sure of America's stomach for another house cleaning in the middle East, let alone another supposed WMD hunt.

Still I think the U.S. will launch a few expensive cruise missiles to destroy communications relays or maybe degrade their ability to use helicopters that are attacking rebel forces AND civilians. Syria will say that the cruise missiles all missed and hit in the desert, but the population will know when their phones don't work so well, and the rebels will know when the helicopters stop shooting at populated neighborhoods.

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If the United States were to engage Syria militarily it's pretty much unwinnable, because of the threats the US faces from Russian missiles which are 10 years ahead of the US. The Russian sunburn missiles can fly 9 feet above water at 1500 mph and does an abrupt last minute maneuver before impact. In the Strait of Hormuz, any large ship that comes into the area it's going to be like a shooting gallery for the Iranians. The Navy would be dead in the water. That is why there is a huge pushback within the US Military and they don't want to do it. Hope the Congress votes no.

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Russia has a naval base in Syria, it is a key strategic base for them on the Mediterranean sea. That is just one of the reasons they have to keep propping up the Assad regime.

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The latest Obama's speech has a clear message: "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

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The latest Obama's speech has a clear message: "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

Problem with that, in this case, is knowing just who the "terrorists" are.

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"French first lady Valerie Trierweiler said on Sunday she was still in shock over pictures of Syrian children killed in the attack and told France’s M6, “I do not know how one can bear it, how one can accept it.”

Ask the Russians and the Chinese.

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The filthy Libs/Globalists backed down and it is a time for rejoice -but who will get attacked next? Still need to flush the terrorists out of their country -which is what was happening before the Turkish and Saudia Arabian sources for chemical weapons (not commercially made) came into play.

Syrians stood up to the Mongols (with help) and won that battle also.

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badsey3Sep. 03, 2013 - 12:17AM JST

The filthy Libs/Globalists backed down and it is a time for rejoice

badsey3Sep. 01, 2013 - 10:37AM JST

Libs will try any means to justify this war => Shameful.

Liberals always against war if you know history. Where did you get this idea? I recommend you do some readings before making next moron post. Thanks.

badsey3Aug. 31, 2013 - 10:14AM JST

more Liberal war mongering at the expense of the populace --> Will they ever learn?

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@babsey3Sep I don't think you know what a Liberal is... time for you to go do your homework...

It's interesting how a lot of people here keep talking in the Future-tense as if the Strikes had already happened. Everything I've heard from these idiots all week has been second guessing this President only to be proven wrong. But I guess stupid is, stupid does...

But I have a feeling the President is playing a long game. While all these talks about strikes goes on, this Fool Asaad is having to move around and hide all of his weapons and equipment. Which means he can't very well use them now can he unless he risk their location be exposed. I'd rather Asaad continue bombing his country back to the Stone Ages, this way the US doesn't have to do it. A lot of militants that went to kill Americans and Coalition forces in Iraq came from Syria so I don't have to much sympathy for that country. But at the same time, making him constantly have to move his weapons around or underground so they can't be hit (and used for that matter) is another alternative too...

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This whole thing was a set up from the get go.

With Russian consultation and complicity, Assad ordered this attack as one component of a larger, more far reaching strategy. Even before the first missile was launched, the opening salvos had already been fired in the form of a carefully crafted media blitz. All over the internet and in news rooms across the globe, strategically dropped bits of misinformation served to guide the conversation by inflaming passions while simultaneously sowing the seeds of doubt.

And as if on cue, the cast members of this drama began to play out their roles.

The western leadership shouted their outrage and rattled their sabers. Warships were moved into position, tomahawks were primed and ready, the drums of war were beating and the clock was ticking.

All the regional players jumped in to back their dog in the fight. Every side calling for some combination or retaliation, revenge, death, destruction and/or humiliation; depending on what side of the equation they’re on at the moment. Basically the same line we’ve been hearing from them for years.

The media, as always, did its part to confuse and deform.

Meanwhile, the seeds of doubt took root and flourished. All the questions, all the inconsistencies, all the evidence pointing somewhere else. Why Assad, what about the rebels? False flag! The Israelis! CIA! All of that worked, and it worked very well. Just look at the posts here on JT.

Now the hoped for result of this would be for the western powers to get suckered into a hasty military response contrary to prevailing opinion. They might be able to dominate Assad militarily but they would lose the war of public opinion in a big way. There would be trouble back home among their already war weary and suspicious citizens and their standing in the world community would definitely take a hit. When the dust settled, Assad would be enjoying his best position in years, the Russians would have their influence in the region vastly enhanced, support for the rebels would fragment and fade away and the west (especially Obama and the US) would have their collective noses firmly planted in a steaming pile of camel dung.

But something went wrong. It appears that the leaders of the west, in an unexpected moment of lucidity; actually woke up, smelled the coffee and stepped back from the brink. By un-shouldering the mantel of authority and relinquishing it to the democratically elected legislative bodies in their respective counties; the western leadership did not retreat. They have instead given a clear demonstration of what a democratically elected, representational form of government should look like. They apparently took the pulse of their citizens, put some thought into it and acted accordingly. And by not running headlong into an obvious disaster, they have also upset Assad’s and Putin’s applecart. So now instead of screaming (and rightly so) about western colonial aggression they are reduced to going “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo…..Baaraak is a chicken!” Well, Assad at least.

In reality, if given enough time, the US is very capable of coming up with some very nasty and horrifically effective schemes. It’s when they’re in a hurry that they have a tendency to screw up. Obama has just bought some time. Assad shouldn’t be getting too comfortable.

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Even N.Y.Times has a better head line stated that Obama "pulls lawmakers into box he made". To bomb or not to bomb, that is not the question; the lack of understanding and decisive of Obama's foreign policy such as missing the chance of the Arab springs and Syria's red line has raised America's credibility to the world.

Obama has absolutely no credibility in the region after decimating our military and propping up terrorists which means American allies and rogue regimes alike are going to begin acting unilaterally instead seeing the US as a credible deterrent. I don't know what other message could possibly be getting through. From Israel to Saudia Arabia they certainly are not going to trust us more.

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LizzSep. 03, 2013 - 06:07AM JST

I've heard you, then what is your solution to this mess, may I ask?

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

@Lizz the reason why you don't know what other message could possibly be getting through is because you are living in a different reality. So you are basically saying, because the President decided to take a walk and think and then decided not to become the cowboy we saw in the previous president and just start lobbing bombs like if he was throwing candy, somehow this means he's weak. To me it says we have a thinking man in the office this time instead of a man that just goes by his GUT like the last President. But you wouldn't know any of that because you seem to agree that once a President makes a decision he should never EVER change that decision no matter what!!!!

The only people beating the drums of war is McCain and Gram. No real American's take these politicians seriously. These are the same idiots that criticized the President for putting together a Coalition in Lybia instead of going in alone. And they are also mad because this President did in 3 years what the previous President couldn't do in 8 when he killed Bin Laden.

@Kuya 88 You are spot on in your assessment. Apparently there are a lot of nations around the world that would like this President to go into Syria but they will not stand with him publicly. They can't have their cake and eat it too, meaning they can't secretly say GO FOR IT, but be able to keep their hands clean if something goes wrong. And their opinions do not matter while they openly hide behind their desk. They are like the little dog that barks behind to trash can pretending to be fierce but runs at the sign of trouble.

This President needs to continue to take his time and make Congress accountable, after all they are the one's that kept winning about wanting a say... now they have it. This also gives the President the opportunity to speak about this at the G20. And at the very least this will give Asaad the time to gain his confidence and become complacent and make a mistake...

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expressed confidence that U.S. lawmakers would do “what is right” in response

I have every confidence that US Politicians, just like their UK counterparts will do what is right. The only phrase missing though, is "for themselves". It is a disgrace for the world to watch Syria disintegrate into anarchy and for such horrible weapons to be used. I was nearly sick as footage of the aftermath was shown on TV, bodies contorted as they died in fits of convulsions, kids lying in the street in the white powder of chemical fallout. The decision to go in should have been made months ago, with full UN support and run by Arab countries not Western. Arab countries are now asking for US led intervention, but they have capability to do it themselves. People are dying in excruciating pain.

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