Obama and allies brace for health care showdown


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This could have been so much easier if Pres. Obama would simply have said that if you aren't for health care reform, you're with the terrorists (the insurance companies are close after all).


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In a multicolored world, for some, it's just black and white. :-)

Thankfully the losers who think like that went out with the trash when the bush administration folded.

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Obama's leadership is being tested during this health debate. Poll numbers are going down for him. Hope something worthwhile for US can be worked out at end of summer recess.

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"ideally with Republican cooperation"

Since many Republicans aren't real conservatives, this is possible.

By the way, since the U.S. government is now collecting less tax revenue than at any time since the 1930's, where are the Democrats getting the billions to pay for this health care program?

"poll numbers are going down for him"

How can this be?

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Yes, it's true. Poll numbers for Obama are dropping. People are waking up.

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It's a load of crap on so many levels. This is not national health insurance nor will there even be a public plan. All this will be is a mandate for coverage from private carriers. In other words health insurance will not be less expensive, the government will just be paying money for the poor to private insurance companies. Why do you think the insurance companies are on board? It's because they have nothing but upside here, more customers and no additional restrictions. To hell with both the democrats and republicans. The democrats caved to the insurance lobbyists and the republicans refuse a public option that would compete with private insurers. This changes nothing for the average middle class person who has health insurance and the poor already had medicaid. What are we doing but spending more money we don't have.

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Oh, there is gonna be health care reform. There's gonna be a public option.

And that is good for America.

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As for all you Republicans: You are irrelevant. Grown ups are in charge.

Now go play birther with your tea bags. And you looser military righties, I just love your whining about socialism with your govt job and your socialized health care.

What a joke you and your pathetic party is. I am so glad I live in a center-left America.

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This Health Care Monstrosity will cripple the US Economy, and a vast majority of Americans are against it because they have seen what has happened in Canada, Europe, Great Britain, and elsehwere that socialized medicine has been instituted. President Obama and the Congress are goign to take a bad, bad hit if they try and ram-rod this through congress as the President and Speaker of the House want. It will definitely make 2010 and 2012 look VERY interesting....

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"Grown ups are in charge"

No, liberals are in charge. And they are bankrupting our country.

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Blue Tiger,

and a vast majority of Americans are against it

From a story posted by the AP 10 hours ago:

Fifty-two percent of 2,276 US adults surveyed online by Harris Interactive between July 9 and 13 said they were in favor of a government-run health plan, while just 30 percent were against.

A key component for any "vast majority" is to not be in the minority.


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According to A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll taken over the weekend, only 36% support ObamaCare while 42% oppose it. Hmm...

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The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll-takers are liars?

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