Obama arrives in Hawaii for holiday


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Relax. Enjoy it. You earned it.

Then it's getting down to brass tacks time. < :-)

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Incredibly, he didn't take me with him.

"Obama is pushing for federal investments"

Translation: Obama is pushing to take federal spending to new heights. Incredible.

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Sarge: About 500,000 of those he will give employment to will be held in Hawaii to find proof that he is really an American. I know he claims the proof is in vaults in Hawaii but, he refuses to give an okay to those who want to confirm his allegations. The organization We The People have asked their attorneys to contact the Supreme Court and this Court would not cooperate with We The People which makes for a cloudy future for Obama's assertions.

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Where were you when george bush was spending us into bankruptsy? Where was your critique when we took on a war of lies and we borrowed ourselves in stealing from our children's future?

You criticism is warrantless.

I hope Barack enjoys himself. He's going to be in the sights of republicans like Sarge who will attack him without merit. I hope that Barack gets to enjoy reminicing his childhood. You have to remember that Barack's grandmother just passed away before he won the election.

Enjoy yourself Barack. < :-)

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After spending 20 years hanging out with his mentor - a racist anti-American "preacher", and running for president as redistributor-in-chief, I think Obama merits a lot of criticism over the next four to eight years. He isn't even president yet and his chief of staff is now linked to a pay-to-play scandal in his home state. I am looking forward to slamming Obama early and often. Racists and people he want to take from others deserve any opprobrium they get.

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At least my belly-aching about george bush was after he actually was sworn in and started screwing the American people.

I see Wolfpack's and Sarge's belly-aching is just because their side lost the election and have hurt feelings.

He isn't even president yet and his chief of staff is now linked to a pay-to-play scandal in his home state.

Right, there's a connection. Elaborate on it. Tell us what the connection is and what the rumors are. That Emmanual squealed on Blogovich. That's really bad. That must be criminal offense. OOOOOOO

Yeah I can see that Barack needs to get some rest before the belly-aching republicans get started with their complaining and fighting the new administration. I bet they are getting together a list of special procecutors and investigators now. They have their own Office of Special Operations now scheming up allegations now in an effort to delay real change. As their wonderful leader once said over and over again, "Stay the course'" and that the direction that the republicans want.

Yes Barack enjoy your time away from Washington. Enjoy this time with your family. Because as soon as you get to Washington you'll be dodging the likes of Wolfpack and Sarge.

Catch a wave Barack. < :-)

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maybe this is why the lamestream media has been so in love with Barak Obama; frequent presidential trips to Hawaii. 8 years in Texas had to suck.

please mr. obama get some rest. you have a lot of promises to keep and more than enough skeletons in the closet to hide.

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