Obama assets valued between $2.6 mil and $8.3 mil


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I was actually surprised at how little it was....after the past few decades, I had gotten used to the misconception that the American president would have an endlessly vast fortune, but this is relatively modest compared to many other powerful Americans. Of course, it's not an "average Joe" income in any way, but the man even has a that to Romney...

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Right, mastertigurius - Obama's entire net worth is not much more than what Romney saves in a few years by exploiting the "carried interest" tax dodge.

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other sources put obama's fortune at 10 million. not bad for a guy whose experience in the private sector is limited to a six month stint as a glorified copywriter back in the 90s. presidential failure al gore is worth a billion dollars. losing to bush and capitalising on the bush hatred and the green energy scam was the best thing that happened to him. clinton left office broke but he and his wife are now worth 80 million. obama has it made when he is turfed out next january.

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So which is it, $2.6 million or $8.3 million? That's a pretty wide spread. I could say I'm worth between $150,000 and $8.3 million.

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"obama has it made when he is turfed out next january."

Whether he's turfed out next January or in 4 years, he'll still be getting historic amounts for speeches.

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Now that their money is public knowledge, the Obama's can start paying rent and gas, and buying flat screen TVs, liquor and lottery tickets for those who voted for him. Ya know, spreading the wealth and all.


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Who's his financial advisor? It doesn't seem to make much sense to have between $500k and $1 million in a chequing account presumably earning almost no interest, while he's paying 5.625 % on a mortgage of about the same value as what he's got in the bank.

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Doesn't matter what Obama's current asset is. Where he will make tons of money is after he leaves the office. Obama can command $100,000 or more per speech, and he can do that 50-100 times a year. That alone is $5 million to $10 million annually. Obama will be booked solid for people that wants to see him speak. And what if he writes a book? Another bunch of millions? Regardless, Obama will be very comfortable financially.

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Vice President Joe Biden listed assets of between nearly $230,000 to $860,000, many of them in investment accounts and insurance policies.

The president and first lady's asset mix includes Treasury notes valued at between $1 million and $5 million, Treasury bills worth $500,000 and $1 million, along with retirement and checking accounts.

interesting figures

especially for two guys incessantly preaching to the rest of the nation about the supposedly dire problem of income inequality...

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