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Obama caps summit diplomacy in Hawaiian home state


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Born in Hawaii, Obama reveled in having the world stage on his home turf, while back east the Republicans seeking to oust him from the White House assailed his foreign policy record. Aloha!! Mr.Obama you are so lucky to be back in Hawaii, you deserve it have a great time and get China and Japan to open up there markets ASAP!

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Welcome home Obama, now leave and don't come back until your out of office. Your security is denying us, our rights to surf.

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"the hopes of a faster American economic recovery"

If we can just get Obama out of the White House, this hope may be realized.

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the republicans got the country into the ditch. You think they can get the country out or just sink it down even deeper?

Democrats always have to clean up for the republican debt festivals and deregulation orgies. Carter after Ford/Nixon, Clinton after the first Bush and now Obama after junior really screwed things up. Same story over and over.

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"Born in Hawaii, Obama reveled in..."

Where's the proof of the first part of this statement? If a historian to document this man's life, how can he/she know the truth of this statement when the president seals his records and doesn't allow anyone to see the original document?

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Here’s what leading Republicans were saying moments after President Obama released the long form of his birth certificate in an effort to quash the conspiracy theory that he wasn’t born in the United States:

Brian Patrick, a spokesman for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: “Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called this issue a sideshow. We fully agree. The White House shouldn’t engage political sideshows, particularly at a time when the challenges facing our country are so immense. Despite the excitement caused by the media circus this morning, House Republicans remain squarely focused on the things that truly matter to families and business owners throughout our country.”

Brendan Buck, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, said Obama’s birth has “long been a settled issue”: “The Speaker’s focus is on cutting spending, lowering gas prices, and creating American jobs.”

That issue is dead. That ship hath sailed long ago. Perry was even criticized recently by Republican pundits for even bringing it up when there are other more pressing issues that the nation should be talking about instead. Let it go.

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zurconium Stop reading the Democratic Party's teleprompter. What, when you can't blame Bush will you start blaming Reagan? Lets see, three years of hope and change has brought us hopelessness and change for the worse: 1) higher unemployment 2) skyrocketing home foreclosures 3) doubling of the national debt 4) horrendous relationship with the only democracy in the Middle East 5) thousands of new regulations & Obamacare that have stifled growth in the US 6) accelated devaluation of our currency

Carter cleaned things up after Nixon? Please tell me what you are smoking because I want some. Luckily for Carter he we go down as only the second worst president of modern times. B. Hussein Obama will grab top honors in about 14 months...

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Can we keep Obama and his "laser focus on jobs" in Hawaii? He might do much less damage outside the continental USA...

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Yokohamirader- Obama was born in Hawaii, I have exactly the same certificate of live birth that he has, it is the same, but the protester i saw were mostly chinese i did not see many japanese protesting

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Sure, Tatanka, Reagan shares plenty of blame when it comes to the deficit. Google it if you missed that point in Macroeconomics 101. Your other points are bunk: they can be laid squarely on Bush's shoulders, or on those of the do-nothing oligarchs in the (dis)loyal opposition; they are also incorrect: unemployment is lower than it was when Bush left office, as are home foreclosures; the national debt has not "doubled," and it rise can be placed entirely on Bush's reckless tax cuts and unfunded war-making along with the effects of his recession; America's status in the Middle East has improved from the depths Bush drove it to; economists have found regulations have no significant effect on business activities; and the devaluation of the dollar has successfully lured export-oriented jobs back to the US, as the recent announcements in this very paper regarding Toyota exporting US-made cars to Korea and Caterpillar relocating production back to the US can attest.

Nice try, though, especially given that you've apparently drunk the Republican cool-aid, rendering you incapable of anything close to object judgement-making and only seething, senseless rage.

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Who laughs harder at Obama - Europe or the Pac rim nations?

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America's status in the Middle East has improved from the depths Bush drove it to; economists have found regulations have no significant effect on business activities; and the devaluation of the dollar has successfully lured export-oriented jobs back to the US,

And there really are unicorns among us.

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"President Barack Obama on Sunday tied the hopes of a faster American economic recovery to the booming Pacific Rim region, saying “we’re not going to be able to put our folks back to work” unless the Asia-Pacific region is successful as an engine for the world."

Now it's very clear, USA just wanted to use, control, and rely on asian countries for USA own economic recovery and benifits.

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And there really are unicorns among us.

What a well-researched, thoughtful response, unrecon! I can see from what depth your party chooses its illustrious leaders - and, no doubt, the GOP will continue to provide ample entertainment to both Asians and Europeans alike - and to Americans, too. With the way Republican foibles have dominated late-night comedy, they might as well just cancel the shows and show re-runs of the "debates."

There has seldom been a time in history when reality and parody were so indistinguishable as the current Republican Party.

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And there really are unicorns among us.

Actually, there aren't. They all went to Dhubai with the Halliburton Headquarters. That patriotic neo-con run company.


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Who laughs harder at Obama - Europe or the Pac rim nations?

Europe. They get his jokes better. Unlike your dear leader who Ms. Merckel obviosly was repulsed by.

The truth is your dear leader took our country's reputation and ran it into the dirt. He turned us into bullies. Now you, being a weak neo-con, see this as a good thing. It's your first chance to associate yourself with something strong. You don't see past your own pathetic little ego gratification that it is bad for our country to be portrayed as a bully.

Obama has gone a long way to alleviate that. We are on far better terms with countries across the planet. The only countries that liked bush are the ones he donated heavily to the AIDS cause to. That's it. Every other country on the planet either sided with him but feared him or hated him.


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