Obama defends his patriotism, quarrels with McCain


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Yes this is what I mean. People are spreading lies about Obama's patriotism, him not wearing a U.S. flag pin (who cares, geez), etc. etc. He's as patriotic as any of the other candidates.

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For the rabid right, I spotted an Obama lie.

Obama told reporters he will have to consistently fight rumors that he doesn’t say the Pledge of Allegiance, among other falsehoods widely spread on the Internet. “This is something that’s been systematically fed into the bloodstream,” he said. He said he had no idea who is doing it.

I'm pretty sure Sen. Obama gets fox "news."


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More chameleon pandering. Flag pins and pledges aside, being a hard-left Marxist is what makes his patriotism doubtful.

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he doesn’t say the Pledge of Allegiance,"

?? I haven't even said that in years....

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WhiteHawk: have you seen this? What's your take on it?

Some interesting things associated with his patriotism. do we over look it? How do we take it?

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rjd - "him not wearing a U.S. flag pin ( who cares, geez )"

Apparently Obama cares now - he was wearing one the other day.

Taka313 - "fox "news"

Fox News isn't news? Because they're fair and balanced and don't just give us the liberal view?

skip - "he doesn't say the pledge of allegiance" "?? I haven't even said that in years..."

You should try reciting it again.

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Compare Barack's legislative record with Mr. McCain's. It's also going to be one of his biggest problems during the fall debates. The U.S. liberals would be better off comparing the Marxist/socialist's stellar military record with Mr. McCain's.


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He said McCain opposes a Democratic-crafted bill in Congress to expand education benefits “because he thinks it’s too generous.”

I can understand Mr. McCain's reason for calling the bill "too generous." Go read it and you'll see it amounts to pork with a capital P.


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sarge: Yes, I should. I did not say I was proud of it. In fact, I haven't even thought of it. However, as a politician, I do believe that he/she should play the game until they feel they can change it. I was disturbed to say the least about Obama not putting his hand up while everyone else was.. I don't care who you are, you are not above all.

But, I have decided a long time ago, that I don't want to live in the states. After Japan, if my wife agrees, I am thinking of living in Europe or perhaps South America. I've been disappointed with the states for a long time and these three candidates really reinforce that feeling. So, why learn it?

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"Obama defends his patriotism"

It's so not fair!

Barack Hussein Obama launches his political career from the home of an unrepentant terrorist who tried to kill Americans on American soil and was even photographed in 2001 trampling on the Stars and Stripes and people have doubts about the junior senator's patriotism.

Did they not get the memo? Were they too busy clinging to their guns and religion and antipathy towards illegal aliens to understand ?

What's next - will he be forced to defend his voting record, the most liberal in the Senate, to the left of even Vermont's self-declared socialist Bernie Sanders?

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his voting record:

Not much, since he really only voted "present" kind of like choosing d. all of the above!

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Yeah, but Romeo. there have been others who have backed churches that led to abortion clinic bombings. And those bombers were hailed as well.

It is however, good to bring these points out in the open, they shouldn't be brushed away. So, I do commend you for keeping that out; it does seem to strike a cord.

As for Rev. Write, it is clear he doesn't like America as it currently is, but we still don't know what he will like. How does that fall on Obama? His wife says she has been ashamed of America (she is only proud now), but what if he doesn't win? Where does she stand then? These are good questions.

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Heh. And the childish hysteria continues.

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Heh. And the childish hysteria continues." that is what is wanted

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With respect to that particular video and to your question as to whether or not we should overlook it, my answer would be yes. But if you want to cleave to a one-sided presentation of who Obama is, by all means embrace it. But it certainly strikes me as an extremely unthoughtful description.

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It's a sad thing that people would question your patriotism because you don't wear a lapel pin or put your hand over your heart. These things are not the stuff that patriotism is made of. For those who want to do that, that's fine. But to insist that others do so cheapens the symbolism instead of strengthening it and does nothing to determine who is and who is not a real patriot.

King Lear had 3 daughters. One of them loved him. But she would not say so.

Of course, that ended badly.

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sez: I really don't get your point.

the vid does pose a lot of legitimate questions. Also, if you've been here long enough, you would know that I do take offense to Che being up on his wall..

The article is about his patriotism. If you don't care about that, then over look it, but if you are concerned, then you should not.

Now, I do know that the vid was created to dissuade people from voting for him, I am sure. But, there are facts in there that I didn't know before.

I am not, however, jumping and saying hey look what Obama stand for. I merely asking if the vid warrants further thought in other people's opinions

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sezwho2 : "It's a sad thing that people would question your patriotism because you don't wear a lapel pin or put your hand over your heart. These things are not the stuff that patriotism is made of. "

I find it interesting that you stop there.

I can't speak for others but it's not that I question Barack Hussein Obama's patriotism when I see that he doesn't wear a flag pin or place his hand over his heart (as Americans of his generation were still taught) or because he has moments where he thinks we have 57 or 60 states in the union.

A man's patriotism is not so much displayed as it is derived.

All of the oddities noted above, added to the actions and words of his wife Michelle, of his pastor of two decades and of his friend and advisor the loathsome William Ayers clearly say to me that Obama does not have for his country anything remotely like the love that Ronald Reagan had and that was undoubtedly the source of both his unalloyed patriotism and his "over the top" ideas about America's preeminence.

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Obama does not have for his country anything remotely like the love that Ronald Reagan had and that was undoubtedly the source of both his unalloyed patriotism and his "over the top" ideas about America's preeminence"

Nucular: valid point. What troubles me, Obama being the only black candidate, is that anything bought up against him is a signal of racism which is troubling. What if he does do something bad - can we question him? Those days my friend are long gone. Your children won't be reading about presidents' great feats, instead you will only be learning on their failings. Business leaders who once had a patriotic stance, now say screw you and get cheaper good made abroad and then get government to force it down your throat.

You are right about the display, but being what I am I frequent non-English sites, inside America, and find it odd that candidates such as him, and McCain too protecting other countries' peoples' rights to wave flags at sporting events, paint their cars with flags of their countries and I am talking countries with worse records of racism, yet these days it seems if you put a flag outside your house, you are either a racist or xenophobe and then the ACLU comes in like a set of Nazi at your door.

Ayers, Wright, etc.. have their right to dislike their country they were born in but they could have chosen better methods to seek change.

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Here is a good read:

“In the short term, if Sen. Obama gets the nomination, he could very well lose to Sen. McCain because of the inherent racism in America. If the Democratic Party fails to give Sen. Obama the nomination for that reason, they are doing themselves long term—I mean generational—damage. Because the African American base, I think will run from them,” said Dr. Leon."

Now, I am starting to sense a setup. The Dems are going to put Obama out there. There is no way they are going to not give Obama the Nomination. They are then going to let Obama lose to McCain or an Indy. But the Dems are safe, see what they know they don't want to inherit the war, instead let it ride out. But, they will have "Hey, at least we put a black guy out there, while the bigot repubs did not.. Now, let's get moving on to 2012" they will feel they can count on the black vote, which is pulling 95+%, women, gays, and the wealthy whites.

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McCain talks like he was the only POW in Viet Nam

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You don't get my point? My point is that the video does not contain facts. It contains factoids.

You don't like the poster of Che? Where was Obama's rebuttal of the inuendo against him? He voted "present" 100 times? You saw Edwards jump on his case. Did you hear his response?

My point is that in answer to your question, yes, we should ignore this video if we don't have the personal energy to actually seek answers for the questions it has raised.

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If a man's patriotism is derived, from what is it derived? who derives it? and what are the criteria?

Just as I have seen no evidence that Obama ever thinks we have 57 or 60 states in the union, I cannot "derive" any information that would lead me to question his patriotism.

Similarly, I do not find anything in Ronald Reagan's action or character that would lead me to "derive" that his patriotism was in any way superior. But he certainly did "display" it more.

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I saw the national anthem video that was emailed to me from some friends. Then I went out to the news site and watched teh entire video. If you watch the entire video, you will see Obama singing along to the national anthem near the beginning (none of the other candidates were). At the end, you will also see him enthusiastically applauding. When you see the whole video vs. the carefully edited one -- the impression is exactly the opposite. In short, the edited video tells a lie. The real question for me is why people (supporters and non) have not bothered to check? The whole thing fits too neatly into the cultural divide in the US between latte sipping liberals and workin' people. Bill Clinton was framed in his first election as an elite (Rhodes Scholar) until he came out with his (genius) boy from Hope, Arkansas commercial. Hillary -- a midwesterner and a Wellesley grad -- has suddenly sprouted an Arkansas hills accent ("I'm goin' to..."). And lets not even bring up the fact that Andover - Yale - Harvard grad, grandson of a New York Senator, who's father was chauffered in a limo to Connecticut private school, George W. Bush only bought his ranch a couple of years before running for prez. Are people that naive? Or are facts beside the point?

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"McCain talks like he was the only POW in Viet Nam"

Actually, McCain rarely talks of what really happened at the Hanoi Hilton.

Likewise, he almost never speaks of his two sons, who enlisted to fight in Iraq.

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