Obama defies Republicans; names Rice to top security post


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Once again, this guy proves to the American people that he cares more about HIS image than cleaning house and bringing new blood in. Disgraceful!

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The right-wingers are upset that they can't castigate the president for throwing a loyal and competent public servant under the wheels of the bus.

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I'm not sure it really matters who he chose. The Republican anger machine would have gone to 100% anyway. Most of American understands that and don't really listen anymore.

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Take that, GOP !

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Rand Paul said: "I really question the president’s judgment in promoting someone who was complicit to misleading the American public." Three points: Rice was simply stating official talking points prepared by the CIA and the State Department - I have yet to hear a single GOPer criticize the CIA; "Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!" has apparently deteriorated to this; and Rand Paul is, like most Republicans, a complete tool.

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Rand Paul is, like most Republicans, a complete tool.

If this was the GWB administration, you'd be crying for resignations over Benghazi. But because it's a liberal president, the administration can do no wrong in your eyes. Enjoy your hypocrisy, "tool".

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Thank you for bringing up George "the British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa” Bush. Four Americans died in Benghazi; over 4,000 died in Iraq. Obama has thus far navigated the Arab Spring with minimal American intervention. Resignations? For what? Success?

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If this was the GWB administration, you'd be crying for resignations over Benghazi

Embassies were attacked and people were killed when Bush was President. The incident in Banghazi has been investigated more than all of those combined under Bush. Remember David Foy?

But no, being a black socialist from Kenya has nothing to do with the GOP actions. It's all about 4 Americans.

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From now on every time Rice is asked a question about Benghazi, she will use the shield , "National Security " and not have to answer for her incompetency.

Chicago politics at the national level. Disguting.


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I hope she does a good job.

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Susan Rice Obviously she shouldn't have gone on those shows and lied to the American people. However she was doing so under orders, using talking points that were prepared for her by the White House, State Dep, and CIA. Theres no evidence to show she knew they were false, though had she done even a little investigating, she would have been able to figure that out. This does make me question her ability, and competence. Regardless of this though, her loyalty is being rewarded.

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