Obama demands U.N. action on Syria


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Why is America so determined to attack Syria? Even as the Chems are declared and will be destroyed Obama's still beating that tired old drum.

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"And he insisted that international credibility was at stake after the August 21 chemical weapons attack near Damascus, which western nations have blamed on Assad" WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE!.

If Obama had any decency, he would demand the U.N. take action against the rebels.

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Mostly saber rattling. "You better do what I say or so help me!" In order to make it look like the US didn't bow out. The President has already proven his point and gotten the Syrians scared enough to hand over the weapons, the continued rhetoric is to impress the American population who will jump at any and all signs of weakness on the part of the CinC.

Opponents at home are far scarier than those abroad where US politics are concerned.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani said the Syria crisis showed the need to reform the Security Council, where Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States hold veto power.

“Taking a decision should not be monopolized for a long period by one or two states,” he said.

The UNSC reflects that not all nations are equal in terms of global politics. If you take out that nugget of truth and make all nations equal in terms of sway, large nations have no incentive to participate and can, instead, fall back on their more beneficial agreements. The US has NAFTA, NATO, and it's various deals with nations of South East Asia. Russia has it's own organizations where it gets to play a leading role. Take away the preferential treatment of the US, Russia, or their allies and they can bow out, taking the vast majority of the UN's clout and funding with them.

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Lots of innocent people in Syria have been killed while Russia kept the UN's hands tied. Now that Russia is willing to agree to at least something to protect the Syrian people, maybe the UN can actually step in and help improve the situation.

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"Lots of innocent people in Syria have been killed..."

Many of them were murdered by rebels (AKA mercenaries) backed by the US, UK, and Saudi Arabia. The best thing to help the situation would be to stop hiring/supporting these foreign terrorists.

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I think most of the arguments here are based on nonsense, and nothing based on facts. Fact is, the radicalization of the muslim religion has been alive and thriving for centuries. Even if the little ones are saved, what do they grow up to be?????? More terroists!!!!!! Let them kill each other out! It has been perpetual since their beginnings, why try to stop it now.

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