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Obama expects to claim nomination this week; Clinton wins Puerto Rico primary


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"Puerto Ricans have been U.S. citizens since 1917, but they cannot vote in the general presidential election unless they live on the mainland"

What's up with that?

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Has to do with the Constitution, I believe. The craziest part is that the US government reserves the right to remove US citizenship from Puerto Ricans at any time - I doubt that they'll ever do it, but it's still a pretty crazy situation.

Puerto Ricans also can't run for higher office, such as vice-president or president, just like (to give a prominent example) Schwarzenegger.

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PR is mostly hispanic, and Hillary has always performed very strongly among hispanics. This victory is not a surprise.

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If Obama is the Democratic candidate, McCain is a shoe-in for president. The 800-pound gorilla no one is talking about is that blacks and hispanics get along as well as sunnis and shias in Iraq. McCain will take NY, CA, TX, FL, and the Bible-belt, so game over. That's why Hillary keeps saying Obama is not electable.

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I don't think either Obama or Clinton is electable at this point, honestly. Their negatives are just way too high.

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Batttle for the mandate, the winner takes it all, even with one vote.

Not very long now, just a few days more for John Mccain to know his competition Obama or Hillary.

It is alright if any one of them, either Hillary,Obama or Mccain, become chief commanding officer.

If Obama becomes nominee, he is not a bad black/coloured guy. If Hillary becomes nominee she will first woman to do it,in USA, she is not also a bad person.

If Mccain becomes president,will be okay too, he ain't such a bad guy.

But once mandate is given, you can't change it by complaining but you can keep on with complains.

4th of November, is big day, for everyone is waiting for it.

Your vote, your power of change. Everyone should agree to disagree, on vote choice.

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Puerto Ricans (as well as Guam, American Samoa, US Vifgin Islands) can vote in the primaries, but can't vote in the General Election. They have a representative in Congress, but he is non-voting. People living in Washington D.C. have been able to vote for President since the Voting Rights Act of the 60's, but they don't have a voting offical in the Congress. Pretty confusing.

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If they want representation, then they need to become a state; they can do that easily, I believe, they just have to vote for it. But representation means full federal taxation...

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ichirou: Puerto Ricans can run for office in Puerto Rico. If they have a residence in a mainland US state, they can also run. Yes, they can become a president or VP, provided have residence in the mainland. They can become a state but last time they voted for it, it lost by 1 point!

Anyways, I think a lot of people get this "Hispanic" word wrong. It has become solely a US definition. I have asked JT to please refrain from using it. When someone is of German, French, or Italian decent, we don't call them Europeans, we call them what their extraction is. It is very offensive for us sometimes. The only thing that holds us together is really language for the most part. We are just as mixed as anyone else, so we do like to let people know where our roots are from. I hope I ain't asking too much.

To give you a breakdown on how it plays in politics: Cuban Americans traditionally fall with Repubs. Bill Clinton and Janet Reno's Nazi like approach to the Gonzales case has really made dems not liked Puerto Ricans fall to Dems but since there are actually more Puerto Ricans in New York then there are in PR alone, they have much more exposure to Hillary than Obama. Dominicans are a special group. They either fall in with Puerto Ricans or fall in with African Americans. Mexicans: Now this is big one. Many of us look to Mexico/Mexicans as many oriental countries look to China. This group is large and believe it or not very conservative. Due to its size, the politics surrounding them is much more complex than many of you think. There are those Tex-Mex types, who fall right behind the Republicans and are very anti-Illegal immigration.

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skipthesong, I'm pretty sure you're mistaken about Puerto Ricans running for President or VP. I remember former PR Governor Rossello mentioning he couldn't be Gore's running mate back in 2000 because he had been born in Puerto Rico.

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ichirou: sorry, I couldn't finish my last post, was called away. Actually, there is no yes or no to the question on whether they can run or not. When the constitution was written, they made clear only US born citizens can run; mostly because they didn't want wealthy British immigrants taking office as they had just kick the English butts and cut off that King of theirs. Anyway, as long as a Puerto Rican is on US soil, he/she can run for office but since the constitution is not clear on it, many feel that it would cause controversy. this is similar to Barry Goldwater who was born in Arizona before it was a state. So, there really isn't a yes or no! I looked at a few Spanish web sites bout Rossello. The issue wasn't his citizenship, it was a few other things. The other area you are not looking at is, then if you are correct, is that anyone from Washington D.C, could not run for president either.

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"Clinton won a lopsided but largelt symbolic victory"

Her victories are always symbolic, while the Messiah's are always putting him "within reach" of the nomination.

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"Clinton won a lopsided but largely symbolic victory"

Her victories are always symbolic, while the Messiah's are always putting him "within reach" of the nomination.

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He resigned from his church in Chicago in the aftermath of inflammatory remarks by his longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright

obama has put this all behind him now and it won't be brought up anymore during the campaign. Guess we all can add this to the list of things deemed "off topic" and "irrelevant" here at JT:

Don't talk about his 20 years of attending a church expounding messages of race hate

Don't talk about his first name

Don't talk about his middle name

Don't talk about his Muslim upbringing as a child

Don't talk about his drug use as a teen

Don't talk about him being known as "Barry" in high school

Don't talk about his Grandma

Don't talk about his wife

Don't talk about his ties to unrepentant American terrorists

Don't talk about his lack of experience

Don't talk about his inability to win delegate-rich, predominately white voter states

Don't talk about his willingness to meet with America's enemies without any preconditions

Don't talk about his unwillingness to meet with American voters in uniform serving in a combat zones

Don't talk about this list of "Don't talk about" getting longer and longer.


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Every time obama got served by hillary he trotted out someone new to endorse him. Gotta ask yourself who will it be this time?


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"He resigned from his [Black Liberation Theology] church in Chicago in the aftermath of inflammatory [racist, treasonous] remarks [delivered in shouts and laced with profanity] by his longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright [also a former Muslim], and more recent fiery [sexist, race-baiting] remarks at the Trinity United Church of Christ by another minister [whose fake black accent and delivery should be an insult to all African Americans] ."

The media is so deep in the tank for this fraud it is not even funny.

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In 2000, the democratic candidate who won the popular vote but lost the election caused great anger and bitterness among some democrats. Those feelings lasted quite a while.

But now in 2008, the prospect that a democratic candidate might win the popular vote but lose the nomination does not seem as troubling. Party leaders and their allies in the press are not only not angry and bitter, they don’t even seem unhappy that the primary season might produce a nominee who lost the popular vote.

Why the change?


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Whoa, fellas. I think the article calls it "largely symbolic" because those voters aren't going to be able to vote in November. In that sense, it's absolutely accurate. This may bulk up Hillary's numbers a bit, but come November, even if the Democratic candidate has support of 100% of the Puerto Rican population, it's gonna mean zilch.

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Panic, panic, heh....PANIC!!

The suspense for the radicals regarding the democrat nomination is turning out to be more breathless than the '06 midterms.

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This may bulk up Hillary's numbers a bit," That's one of the points man. She has won most of the popular vote, this is why this is getting crazier and crazier by the day.

BTW, I don't know if any of you seen this Roman Catholic priest. While it was funny, it was very low-class. Very unbecoming of a Roman Catholic priest. Priests like him need to go out and get laid once in a while and I am not talking about the usual Roman Catholic priest methods.

RR is right that perhaps now, anything related to the church will now be considered off topic.

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The only way she's won the popular vote is if you play with the numbers and don't count the caucuses. Otherwise, Obama's in the lead.

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Ok, then I must be getting it wrong. I have seen enough news casts where they speak of her winning more votes, as per man votes, which is bringing up a lot of discussion and one reason why so many feel she is right to stay on..

Am I sure, no I am not. If you have better info on the actual voting numbers, please let me know. I actually wished she would just go away.

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Dem party thugs rough up Hillary supporters. Gotta keep the old ladies in line...


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skipthesong, check out CNN's website, they have a few articles where they state that Hillary's camp is fudging the numbers so that she comes out ahead. Obama's in the lead in 4 out of 5 vote-counting scenarios - the only way he loses the lead is if you don't count the results of the caucuses.

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Perhaps that's why she's still in the race.

Hillary's political coffin has been shut so many times during this primary I'm surprised JT hasn't run a story that there is a global nail shortage.


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He resigned from his church in Chicago in the aftermath of .... more recent fiery remarks at the Trinity United Church of Christ by another minister.

How many more crazy pastors does obama have anyway?

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"more recent fiery remarks at the Trinity United Church of Christ by another minister."

Imagine the hysteria, imagine the 20-minute "special comment" from Keith Olbermann, if even a minor Republican congressman was tangentially involved with a church as wacked out as the one Obama chose, attended and brought his children into.

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"How many more crazy pastors does obama have anyway?"

Well, it seems to be a current thing in US politics.

Remember White House spiritual advisor and head of some fundie US sect, Ted Haggard, who turned out to be a meth-tootin', raving homosexual?

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"He resigned from his church in Chicago in the aftermath of inflammatory remarks by his longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and more recent fiery remarks at the Trinity United Church of Christ by another minister."

Just a lil' faith footnote - as Obama's disgraced spiritual advisor liked to say - when Obama threw Rev Wright under the bus he went to none other than Father Michael Pfleger for "counseling."

"CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports Obama felt betrayed and Wright felt sand-bagged. Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church said he has been speaking to both men as the events of the past 24 hours unfolded.

He counseled Obama Tuesday morning, and while CBS 2 talked to him Tuesday evening, Rev. Wright called his cell phone.

"I don't think he had any intention to hurt Barack. He loves Barack," Pfleger said. "I think the pain and the moment took over."

That moment was in a place Pfleger called "a lion's den" – The National Press Club. " http://cbs2chicago.com/politics/obama.jeremiah.wright.2.711811.html

This is the gift that just keeps giving. Another video has surfaced - Obama's other special buddy, Father Pfleger, preaches this about America to his rapt audience-

"America Is The Greatest Sin Against God"

Lovely. Trinity Church. Great place to take your kids on a Sunday morn. Yeah, I really want someone from that congregation representing my country.


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Jeremiah was my pastor, Was a good friend of mine, I never understood a word he said, but I helped him a-drink his whine, he always had some mighty fine wine...

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lol. peeps remember PR means NOTHING, it just delays the inevitable, only 20% bothered to show up, PLeeeezzzzeeeeeee. She needs to sit down!!!, oh Ted Haggard, we cannot FORGET him..lol......

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The democrats have shot themselves in the foot again. After Bush they should be able to walk into the White House but it's not going to happen with Obama. I am guessing a lot of Hillary supporters will stay home or vote for McCain because they feel cheated. Personally though the Republicans don't like him I think McCain is a good choice. He's far more centrist and as an independent I have no problem supporting him.

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Sarge that was great, thanks for the laugh

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It appears that Obama and McCain have both had problems with pastors running their mouth.

Yeah, I know Obama's was his home church pastor. McCain's wasn't.

But for these pastors who normally speak of love and caring, they kinda got off the message. They looked for the chance to be hate mongers. Is that how they spread their love?

I agree that Obama had to cut the ties. Luckily McCain's problem wasn't his church's pastor.

This has been a great election year. The democrats have two candidates that are working to get into office to correct what the george bush has done to destroy our country's economy and bring our military home. george bush only tried to help the rich. Hillary and Barack want to help everyone else. < :-)

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then support him expat.. go ahead waste your vote...sure in hell you wont vote for the black guy no matter how much better he is...hillary supporter feel cheated??? c`mon. She cannot win anyway, even if she got all the delegates, the man did not have his name on the damn ballot. she agreed before that they broke the ruless, NOW she want the votes.. what a selfish BAITCH...so i will take my chances on the black dude and waste my vote

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obama should have left the church 20 years ago after the first wright "sermon" of hate and bigotry; that is, unless he actually agreed with wright and the church's bigotry before it became political poison.

obama and michelle took their children to listen to "Rev." wright and what he believed for many, many years. Adults don't expose their children to people/ideas that they think are wrong or harmful. The big truth on this subject is obama was comfortable with what "Rev." wright was preaching until the public spotlight was thrust upon it. Only then has obama turned away from the church.

He quit in the name of damage control.

The hate filled, racist church was not going to change its tune because he is running for president. It has been that way for 30 years. That is Black Liberation Theology.

obama left the church for political reasons. He would not tell them it was wrong, to stop: That hate and racism is not acceptable.

Instead he quit.

For obama to run around America talking about unity, getting past race, healing, etc., then not to take action when he sees it going on in his own church and by his own mentor means he condones it since he failed to actually try to do something.

This all goes back obama's showing poor judgement, his lack of standing behind what he says his and failure to do anything.

And the democrat leadership is about to approve of all this. Man, the Republicans are sure gonna have a good time during this general election cycle.


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So, to recap:

Of the 29 primaries since New Hampshire from which delegates have been allocated, obama has won 15. But in doing so, he got a majority of the white votes in just five of the 29 contests. And while winning three of the eight primaries held since March 4, Obama won a majority of the white vote in only two — Oregon and Vermont.

That means obama won white person vote in only eight out of 37 states.


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Oh RR, you really want someone to bite.

It'll have to be a republican.

Democrats are pretty happy with the two that are running for the party. They will decide here in a few days who will lead the party.

It's a wonderful in the neighborhood. < :-)

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adaydream, if Hillary has her way, this won't be resolved until August!

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Why do you think that matters? Do you think Democrats or Independents are going to vote for McCain because he's "white"? Do you think white voters are better thinkers than non-white voters?

I'm sure that many people will vote their prejudices. But I don't think that's going to make a difference in this election. The next President will be elected on the basis of the economy, national security and trust--and skin color doesn't have anything to do with those.

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Given obama's success rate in white dominated states if the democrats are going to retake the White House, they are going to have to find about 40 million blacks to borrow for a day in November.


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Do you think Democrats or Independents are going to vote for McCain because he's "white"? "

Talking to a few white friends, none of them said they wouldn't vote for Obama because he is black and none of them said they would vote for McCain because he is white. However, they all said they would not vote for Hillary as she is too much of one of those rich libs who feel what she thinks is what is best without any consultation.

It seems to me that Obama has rock star status. Poor to middle class whites have bore the brunt of the fiction in race relations in the US, and as I have heard many times, Obama at first seems to be the person to fit the bill - black and white. However, his church/ex-church seem to refute that. McCain really has no standing, but if Obama starts playing race card, where as any criticism is going to be outlawed, then they will have no choice. This is just their feeling. Additionally, I don't know why Obama has come out and made such great speeches on why blacks are angry in his response to the REv Wright issue - we all know that, but why hasn't he tried to at the very least reach out the poor to middle class whites? Has he felt that it would be useless? I hope not.

This entitlement that the priest was mocking actually seems more reversed if you look at. Is Obama entitled to the spot of presidency because he is black or black and white? Is he entitled to it due to history, when his legacy does not reach such. These are questions that I am hearing. Still I have not heard anyone who is white state they would not vote for him because he is black. Are they hiding it from me? Do they think I would be offended?

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Because of Puerto Rico (haha i voted for her here), Obama will not be able to clinch the nomination outright. He can't claim s**t. He has to pressure superdelegates to commit before the convention. Hillary's increasing the popular vote margin by 120,000 does not hurt either.

Last time i heard democracy was about following the will of the people, not just some delegates which in most situations vote for whoever they owe some political favors anyway. For example, Governor Acevedo-Vila in Puerto Rico (currently accused of 19 Federal felony counts) is an Obama superdelegate, even though the will of his Democratic Party constituents in Puerto Rico is that he support Hillary. The current syetems leads itself to crony politics.

In most popular vote scenarios Hillary is up front, or at least it could be argued that its a statistical dead heat. Hillary has every right to take the decision to the convention. Whatever happpens, the only reason they could lose the general elections is if they run out of money (McCain is warchesting all these days). There's just too much bad s**t happen in the last 8 years and McCain will not be able to hold any of them back, especially if Hillary and Obama run together... It's all about winning some of the Red states back, and they can do it in many places.

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I know PR first hand - it is the West Virgina of the Caribean. They are so racist its amazing considering what their racial composition is. Obama wouldn't have stood a chance against a dead white democrat that isn't even on the ballot.

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Obama didnt win because he didnt even spend 2 days campaigning here. He didnt have any backing from major local politicians (other than the governor who has a 29% approval rating). Politics is the national pasttime here (forget baseball), and Obama wasnt willing to answer any hard questions. I assume this is how he operates in all other states, not really leveraging on any contacts of his own, but relying on others.

Obama's speech today looked presidential, and have to give him some credit for someone who's only been doing this on a national basis for 3 years. I'm sure he owes a lot of favors.

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