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Obama extends his campaign into Republican states


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"Still, the Democrat warned against getting giddy or cocky"

He'd better start getting ready to go back to Chicago.

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According to the article, McCain said that the next President of the United States "won’t have the luxury of studying up on the issues before he acts.” I, for one, am truly scared by the prospect of an American president who does not study up on the issues before acting.

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Obama would only be the first half black president, no matter how you look at it he was raised white... Clinton was the first black president, and always will be.

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taikan - McCain used a poor choice of words there. What he meant, and what he has said before, is, the next president shouldn't need on-the-job training, which would be Obama's case.

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sarge: "McCain used a poor choice of words there..."

McCain has always used poor word choice, and it's part of what's lost him a this election; he can't seem to keep his temper down and his trap shut. Didn't you see him blinking wildly like a deer caught in headlights when his Joe the Plumber comments backfired completely? You should always say what you mean, and not have others try making excuses for 'what you truly meanth to say', etc. Anyway, since McCain clearly has no knowledge of how technology and/or the economy works, HE'S the one who's going to need the on the job training... if you think you can teach an old dog new tricks, that is.

Hahaha... Virginia has gone over to the Dems., and other states are moving there quickly (traditionally Republican states, that is). It's over, sargie.

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"The next president won’t have time to get used to the office. He won’t have the luxury of studying up on the issues before he acts.”

You should do sound bites... only include the part you want and forget the other parts.

Actually he said this (whats above) and not what Taikan twisted it to say. Which is easy to understand, if you dont have the knowledge and experience going in your not going to be able to act quickly in any form and the problems will over ride you..

I dont believe that will be a problem for either as they have other people who make decisions for them and they dont actually do any of it from their knowledge...

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Bottom line, even Joe Segrigationist has to work to pay his bills, has to put money into health care, has to worry about jobs going abroad and his uneducated kids going off to some war. He has to worry about the local road getting fixed. And he has to worry about keeping his place to live.

Race will most certainly take a back seat to those much more pressing concerns. Obama is talking to them as much as to the DEM workers out there. And his message is starting to resonate over any ethnicity or race concerns.

Same goes for Joe Pro-Lifer, Joe Nationalist and Joe hard core Republican. The basics of daily life are impossible to ignore and McCain has no comforting message there. Obama has a clear and resonant message. So a lot of those red states will be turning blue this time around.

Joe "Sarge" may be a very lonely exception left out in the cold. But you are welcome to join the winning team any time Sarge. Admitting the truth is the first step. ;)

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One other thought. Sarah Palin is frightening in more ways than I have room to write here. Imagine her as president for one moment. Frightening isn't it?

Thankfully her presence on the McCain ticket has been like dropping a nuclear weapon on it. It was awesome, noisey and bright for a few moments but now the real destruction has set in and very little will be left unburned or radiation free from her VP nomination.

When this is all over I'd like to toast her for single handedly giving the independent vote to Obama. Just before putting her on a plane back to Alaska and obscurity where she belongs.

No offence Alaskans, but you can keep this one were tossing her back.

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Nippon5: "You should do sound bites... only include the part you want and forget the other parts."

You are addressing every Republican supporter on here and their multiple handles, particularly sarge. They will literally cut and paste and edit your comments to mean something else in some cases.

Anyway, I agree with you on your points about McCain, and it's mighty big of you to invite sarge to join the winning team.

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While Obama is striding on to victory. john Mccain is...um..you'd better check this photo -


Not exactly presidential material by any stretch....

And here's the Many Faces of John McCain -


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The truth is that Obama has used "grass roots organization" or what others might describe as boots on the ground. The Washington Post reported:

But in scale and ambition, the Obama organization goes beyond even what Rove built. The campaign has used its record-breaking fundraising to open more than 700 offices in more than a dozen battleground states, pay several thousand organizers and manage tens of thousands more volunteers.

It is the effect "Howdy neighbor" "Hey neighbor" and "Hi, I live up the street" has on someone. It also helps when a woman who is a former Hilary supporter is making the case when the former Hilary supporter she is visiting seems to be bitter. Like it or not race is an issue among the people still. So when dealing with people who are not racist but may be reluctant to vote for a black it may help that so many white workers are carrying the banner. There was a much better article I read a few weeks back that inspired me to do the search where I found this piece. I am still hoping to find the other article because it gets into the methodology of organization.


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McCain has always used poor word choice," . Agreed. Do any of you recall him trying to use his Vietnam POW experience in regards to getting Gitmo to stop torturing the detainees?

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He'd better start getting ready to go back to Chicago.

Yep! To prepare for his victory parade! Get ready to welcome your first black Democrat President sonny!

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The Irish online bookmaker, Paddypower, has already paid out over 1,000,000 Euro to those who bet on Obama being the next President of America. I think all one can bet on now is the margin of the victory. Visiting red states may increase that margin.

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skip: "but no where in the US does anyone say Hi anymore..."

You're misdirecting again. People in plenty of places say hi. Granted, most are small town areas, and they certainly don't in gangland LA areas or downtown Manhattan, but they still do here and there. I have plenty of people to verify, and know as well from travelling around the US a bit last year by car.

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It is written, McCain will be the next president. Mark my words.

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It may be written, but you need to get an eraser and correct that to Barack Obama. < :-)

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buttamimi - as likely as it may be, I've never heard of a bookmaker paying out before the result of a bet is known...

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2 seconds online and I found the story everywhere


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It's good to see mccain having to campaign in what were once red-as-a-fire-engine states to defend against Obama and the Dems.

I think the few remaining Republicans on JT are going to go quiet on November 4th, when the guns of the most awesome US presedential campaign in recent history fall silent and Barack Obama is elected President of the USA.

Oh, and if there is still anyone out there who has any doubts at all about Obama's character, click through these Obama family photos and make your own judgement; I've made mine:



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That link above: ......obamas-greatest-famil(underscore)n(underscore)132339.html

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Even the Republican news outlet, Fox News, reported that Paddypower, the Irish bookmaker, had paid out to those have bet on an Obama Presidential victory.

DUBLIN, Ireland, Oct 16, 2008 (PR Newswire Europe via COMTEX) ----Following the concluding presidential debate in New York last night Ireland's largest bookmaker, Paddy Power, has decided to pay out on Barack Obama as the forty-fourth President of the United States of America.


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That damn buffoon is going to be president and destroy the worlds number one nation. His pilicies are codswallop!!

I am so depressed. I cannot believe McCain under performed in the debate.

obama didn'T need to campaign, unless there is divine intervention, the silly boy is gonna win, damn him!

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MrDickmorris - "That damn buffoon is going to be president and destroy the worlds number one nation."

President Obama will find it damn near impossible to do any more damage than the man you voted for - George Bush.

"I cannot believe McCain under performed in the debate."

I can. John McCain is neither mentally, emotionally nor physically fit for the job of president.

"the silly boy is gonna win."

No, the silly boy is going to have to return in shame to his native Arizona, while his running mate Sarah Palin will return to Wallia or wherever she is from that is close to Russia and face the music on her abuse of power charge.

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Does it really matter who wins other then the core left/right beliefs?

Both will decrease taxes, both will increase spending, both will increase the national debt, neither will solve the true problems causing the financial woes because they get paid and supported by those who run the companies that cause the woes, neither is going to get American troops back to the states, neither is going to increase our pay and make it easier for us to live, and etc etc...

So other then the core values of the political parties what do we as the voter gain??

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Did you really say decrease taxes? You gotta be joking right. Obama is all about increasing taxes. Oh, he pays lip service to it, talks about how hes going to lower taxes on the poorest of Americans. Basically, under Obama, if you make more then 20k a year, you'll pay more. And Obama has said repeatedly, he is pulling out the troops, period. Call him little Carter. The worst president of the 20th century.

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I have to go by the budgets and tax plans they have submitted, I can not go by what is said by supporters of either side and based by the plans submitted the both try to lower overall taxes and they both plan to spend more then now.... Obama has stated he will remove the troops from Iraq, but he will also shift them to the Afghanistan so both will keep troops overseas.

Sorry Im not stating it to please on political party or the other, Im just stating facts that have been submitted by the actual candidates..

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Basically, under Obama, if you make more then 20k a year, you'll pay more.

You mean if you make more than 250K, which will thus not apply to 95% of US taxpayers

The worst president of the 20th century.

Well it looks like you have already accepted defeat. But that title has already been given to the current WH occupant

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Hes also confused on what century we are on... 2008 is the 21st century

Carter was a president in the 20th century and that was what the poster was saying...

Who ever wins this election will be a president in the 21st century.....

What century are you in?

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That damn buffoon is going to be president and destroy the worlds number one nation.

If you'd had said that in 2000 you'd look a lot more credible. Bush has already given the next president a big starting push on that road.

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smithinjapan: "It's over, sargie"

We'll see, smithie.

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Help is on the way...


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McCain has graciously given Obama a nice lead going into the final stretch because without a 15 point lead on election day, Obama's not going to pull it out. At least now, he has a fighting chance! We should all thank McCain for making it exciting!

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Oh, oh... what's that, sargie?? Only a 15 percent lead now? Wow... only a week ago you were saying, "Obama should have a 10 percent lead...", and only 2 days ago said, "Obama should have a 20 percent lead" when he was at 11. What's next? a 30 point lead? Keep predicting higher, sarge... I think it might actually be helping this time.

Anyway, it's McCain who doesn't stand a chance. I just hope you are ready to come on here and admit defeat on the day of. You still have three weeks to prepare, and I suggest you use them instead of spending them in denial. You're going to need a whole lot of power to pull the feet out of your mouth for all the pompous talk of McCain/Palin over the past weeks.

Anyway, as you said, we'll see, alright... president Obama in office in a very short time.

Moderator: Please address other posters by their correct user names.

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It's 1948. Dewey defeats Truman. Stop that. Reverse it. (My Willie Wonka moment).

From Wikipedia:

The early returns showed the Republican ticket leading Truman and Barkley pretty consistently in the western and southern states," and added that "indications were that the complete returns would disclose that Dewey won the presidency by an overwhelming majority of the electoral vote."[[footnoted]] As it turned out, Truman won the electoral vote by a 303-189 majority over Dewey and Strom Thurmond (though a swing of just a few thousand votes in Ohio, Illinois, and California would have produced a Dewey victory), and the Democrats regained control of both the House and the Senate.

Confidence is a good thing. Gloating before the fact is not. It's not even so good after the fact.

Yes, supporters of Obama would be well off to remember Thomas Dewey in the pages of The Chicago Tribune, Tom Bradley in his failure to get the governorship of California and Barack Obama in New Hampshire.

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McCain has graciously given Obama a nice lead going into the final stretch because without a 15 point lead on election day...

Is that the spread being given by GOP-Vote-Fraud central?

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smith - And now, to strike fear into your heart -

I hereby predict Barack Obama will beat John McCain in a landslide!

yabits - "GOP-Vote-Fraud"

Um, the GOP isn't benefiting from ACORN's fraud, the Democrats are. Check it out.

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Um, the GOP isn't benefiting from ... fraud, the Democrats are.

First of all, there is no fraud on the Democrats part until someone who has allegedly improperly registered actually shows up at a polling place to cast their vote.

On the other hand, since no candidate in modern history has ever come back and won being as far behind this close to an election as McCain is now, predicting a McCain victory likely means that Republicans are going to be working overtime playing their dirty tricks to rob as many Americans as possible of their right to vote. Republicans have always fared poorly when the turnout by middle and lower-class voters has been heavy.

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Joe Biden: "John's last minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word - jobs - j-o-b-s - jobs."

So Biden can't count up to four! Hee hee!

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First of all, there is no fraud on the Democrats part until someone who has allegedly improperly registered actually shows up at a polling place to cast their vote.

You're a little late on this ya know. Early voting in Ohio, and we've already read reports of people who registered improperly, showing up to vote illegally. So, its already occured. Democrats are trying to stuff the ballot box. I don't think its systematic in either party, its most likely small groups of people without any connection to either candidate who are doing this.

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