Obama heads to high-risk, uncertain climate talks


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They are going to all agree on some vaguely worded, non binding agreement that isn't set to go into effect into any of these posturing fools are well out of office. Then they will all go home and claim victory to their constituents, and use that "victory" as a justification to increase taxes, government power, and further erode personal freedom.

And the sad part is that most sheeple will willingly go along with it.

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“fair share” contribution into a short-term, $10 billion-a-year fund for developing countries


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Copenhagen hit by a blizzard yesterday!

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That's about right

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Putting his personal prestige on the line, President Barack Obama dashes to Copenhagen

Guess the teleprompter said go to Copenhagen.......... pity he does not have enough character to admit, that the whole summit is based on fake data.......but I guess he is not as dumb as Blair, who admitted that the science was faked, but that they should do the summit anyway.

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Putting his personal prestige on the line, President Barack Obama dashes to Copenhagen overnight Thursday to join more than 110 other world leaders who hope they can push an interim global warming pact across the finish line.

Truly Obama resembles Superman (may he rest in peace) in his proven ability to dash here and there about the globe.

And he resembles Superman in many other ways, too.

Here is the list of the ways:

Now that was good reading.

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At least that's a campaign promise he's keeping. More politicians should put it on the line, like Bush.

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