Obama, Holder predict conviction in Sept 11 case


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give them a fair trial and then hang them

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Poisoning the jury pool with irresponsible statements is not going to help the governments case. Are these guys retarded? Now the masterminds of 911 can counter sue and tie up the courts for years??? How can you torture people and then put them on trial in a civilian court, if they can get away with that they can routinely torture anyone pre-trial. The torture is supposed to start after the trial in the prisons with the rape and solitary confinement.

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It is utterly irresponsible for President Obama and Attorney General Holder to give the defendants the rights of American citizens in federal court.

They should have been tried by a military tribunal.

And for the two of them to guarantee a conviction...pathetic.

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Nothing, nothing is being asked or said as to why don't they just move the Fed court down to Gitmo, it is US federal land, and have the trials there.

Also, as for predictions, I have an aunt who thinks she can see ghosts and predict the future. I love her to death but she's always wrong.

If they go through with this, what's to stop some guys still alive on the Nazi side and ask for such a trial.

And as for "this will show the world" Hey, who cares what the rest of the world thinks?

The 1993 case should be enough history, it didn't stop them. Did it?

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Ok let me get this straight. 2 men we know are behind the mass muder of 3000 americans and countless others over the years should be tried as equal to american citizens?!

Let me help. Go outside. Build 2 crosses. And crucify them the roman way with ropes not nails a person can last over a week.

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It's almost like the republicans want to just hold the prisoners in Gitmo, forever, not charged, not convicted; just incarcerated.

We've started wars over our belief of laws. We've criticized the hell out of other countries because they don't treat their citizens and prisoners in accordance to our laws and beliefs.

Then what's going to be said when these prisoners/criminals are found guilty? What's going to be done?

They can go to a federal, Red-Line prison for the rest of their lives. Not as martyrs, but as prisoners. Not as an example of giving your all for who-ever, but lowly criminals and rotting for the rest of time in a solitary cell.

Will republicans fight the conviction and sentencing of these criminals to the death penalty or imprisonment till they go home to their 70 virgins? Watch'em. They are about to. < :-)

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“I’m not going to be in that courtroom,” he said.

Too late. Why have a trial at all if people are convinced he is guilty?

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aday: why just hit on repubs, almost 90% of New Yorkers who are largely dem are not for this. So, you say so what, your god's henchman, who helped orchestrate a nazi like seizure of a little Cuban boy in the middle of the night, has spoken?

What has ever happened to the will of the people?

We've started wars over our belief of laws. We've criticized the hell out of other countries because they don't treat their citizens and prisoners in accordance to our laws and beliefs." Well, key word, citizens. And prisoners in accordance to our laws and beliefs - whose beliefs?

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Oh, one last thing aday, you know damn well in such a court, there is at least a slight possibility these guys can walk off, you know there is. What are you going to say then? Well, at least they went through the "proper process"? And then when all of us who have been directly affected go and get angry, you gonna call us "right wingers"?

I can't wait for all of this to be over. I am really teetering on giving up my citizenship out of embarrassment.

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I've heard the same numbers, but the other way around.

No you're not.


I'm not worried about your scenario skipthesong. < :-)

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Why is the President giving his personal opinion on a current court case?

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The logic behind this is fascinating. If KSM is only a plain criminal, deserving a civilian trial with a jury of his peers (an interesting challenge in itself), then why aren´t the other jihadists? In that case, what this US doing, shooting at them in Afghanistan without any miranda rights and legal warrants?

The Obama administration tries to turn the war on terrorism into a criminal proceeding, without thinking throught the consequences.

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I've heard the same numbers, but the other way around." Aday, you lie! I've lived in NYC, still a resident of Jersey until I sell that house. I worked at the WTC... You heard no such thing that New Yorkers are for this. My in box is nothing but a consent feed against this.

Again, what about the will of New Yorkers?

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The liberals really screwed the pooch on this one.

Heckuvajob, Barack.

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Well, extreme kudos to President Obama on this one. He will show the American people exactly what he meant when he called the US Constitution a " charter of negative rights ".If anything goes wrong though it will be the fault of bush, who was the worst president ever,and who COMPLETELY shredded said charter of negative rights to the point of non-recognizability.

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They'd better not screw this up....

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skipthesong my ex-sister-n-law and my niece had lunch on top of the WTC the week before the attack. Yeah I've thought about if the attack was a week earlier.

I've watched the interviews on both sides of the conversation. Guilloni says it would be the worst thing, but doesn't Bloomberg call it the right thing to do. Just depends on the news outlet you listen to.

I've heard the will of the New Yorkers.

So me lieing, not quite. You exaggerating your point, yes. < :-)

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Hey Aday, did you watch the news? Bloomberg, after spending record numbers, won a third term by the skin of his teeth. So he "out spent" is competition and that is not something you should be proud of being a progressive. As for me exaggerating the point, hey, go read the NY Post, the local part in the NYT, hell even the left leaning "Chief" a socialist newspaper all agree. You did not hear the will of New YOrkers. YOu might heard the will over those rich lib out of towners living on Park Ave, but you sure as hell didn't hear the will of those living in the five boroughs. Go ahead, fly there, go to a few bars, even where my kind hang... Hey, I'll even pay for you plane ticket and you can stay at my place in Jersey. I'd love to watch you rationalize this idiotic approach.

You do realize what is going to happen don't you?

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I realize exactly what's going on. I disagree with your view and continue to support the trials.

You don't.

Have a great day. < :-)

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