Obama in Mexico to discuss security, drug trafficking, immigration


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Elbuda Mexicano, These illegal immigrants should wait in line like everybody else that does it legally. There should be no room for cutting in line. Other people who immigrated to U.S. legally have waited 10-15 years. Why should these people allowed to go in front of the line? Besides they flood the hospital without paying and this is costing taxpayers billions. Hospital should only take emergency cases and refuse others if they cannot pay.

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Toyota created a factory for Matzda in Mexico. There are jobs there now. So, illegal immigrants in USA do not see people from there, Maybe more Japanese corporations will create plants in Mexico? Working in Japanese factories must be better than danger of crossing borders.

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Left out the failed War on Drugs. Where might one surmise the Mexicam drug cartels get the majority of their funding? Ending the ill-conceived drug prohibition would go a long way in resolving several cross-border problems. Surely the choom-meister would agree.

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Volkswagen has factories in Mexico too, and I think Ford as well. But, America has EBT cards (food stamps), and that's what I see every single south-of-the-border immigrant, legal and otherwise, using at the grocery store.

You know, Elbuda Mexicano, I remember when Americans worked in construction, in housekeeping, in landscaping, and American teenagers worked in restaurants. That was even when unemployment was 9%, thirty years ago. Now that it's 9% again, we have even less need for an illegal underclass. Oh, and we're importing produce from Chile.

Maybe if your country wasn't run by drug cartels... hey, perhaps we should legalize marijuana, then you might get your country back.

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Indeed drug cartels are a HUGE problem, whose origins date back to 1940's. According to the book "The nazis in Mexico" the Nazi party tried to introduce drugs in the USA in an effort to make the young population weak and thus the army would have less resources. Poor peoples have not many choices but crossing the border or entering into drug cartels.

Car manufacturers have opened many factories here, but there is still a lack of low-level jobs. Moreover, our government is not interested in having a THINKING population. Just look at our "president", and the type of TV programs that are scheduled daily. Only a bunch of us want to either induce a change in Mexico (which I guess will take 200 years) or move to a more civilized country (like Japan or Germany). Mexico needs better education quality and more opportunities for scientists.

Personally, I would never think on moving to the US, you guys love guns, and defend the "right" to own fire weapons. Just look at the news, every month you have a crazy young man killing innocent people!

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Too much BS about legal and illegal status, Mexicans 98% just want to WORK, do jobs most US citizens will NEVER ever want to do! Wash toilets, clean your houses, more toilets, construction work out in the burning hot sun, freezing cold snow, we do it. WHY?? As any US contractor who will be happy to do this work?? NEVER US citizens, so who do US contractors hire??? TO pick your tomatoes etc..Mexicans, Central Americans etc..time to cut through all of BS red tape ASAP!!

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That is "bankruptCy". Sorry, I had a brain glitch.

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"The Mexicans are just doing the jobs that Americans will not do"...what a load of BS!! I suppose some will try to maintain that there are only 11 million illegals here too, right? LMFAO!!! That is the same headcount they had back in 2002. Let's get real people. I can go just about anywhere and take a look around to know it is a perpetuated lie. And that number only represented the ones they knew about at the time, which I am sure was a very conservative estimate. How can one place a number on an unknown quantity in the first place? Illegal immigrant advocates believe if they tell a lie a thousand times some people are naive enough to drink the Kool-Aid. Sheep hearders and sheeple. Most of the illegals that I have been seeing around town are working in high paying construction jobs with Mexican contractors operating right under our noses. They also work at warehouses, manufacturing plants, or have started a new business in town. Some of these jobs pay upwards of $17 an hour or more. And most include benifits. And they are growing every day in my town. Futhermore, they are competing with local businesses and are given a leg-up with many unfair advantages. I wonder if most people know that the highest rate of bankruptsy in the USA is caused by latinos? If broken down by ethnic group that is. More specifically, iilegal immigrants from latin America take first place in bankruptsy. That kinda gives one the idea of how many loans must have been given. Truth is, they are handing out more grant programs and special loans to illegal latino immigrants than any US citizen regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. This is for small to large businesses. This is to further their education. And I have seen many produce Food Stamp cards in the grocery store. And our hopspital waiting room, at any given time, is dominated by Spanish speaking people who don't speak a word of English. They recieve more help getting started in this country than anyone else. And they didn't even have to wait in line. BTW, Mexico already recieves the lions share of LEGAL immigration as well. Talk about double dipping the system. This is doled-out by our government, numerous special interest groups, and the Mexican government itself. Anyway, I apologize for being long-winded but many around my state have lost all faith in our representatives and the federal government in general.

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Obama is stirring a hornet's nest he does not know. Lucky for him because he will need.

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