Obama may visit Demilitarized Zone during visit to S Korea


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The impoverished but nuclear-armed North late last month agreed a deal to suspend some nuclear and missile activities in return for U.S. food aid

So it has been 100% confirmed the north has nukes or is this just speculation by the writer of this article?

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Not speculation;, 9 Oct 2006, 25 May 2009. Those are the dates of 2 nuclear tests or "demonstrations" by the DPRK.

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Dangerous move....I hope he knows what he's doing.

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Obama and Hillary were 'pointless leaders' and their 4 years were totally an embrassment in the history of America! They were very upset with the little Stalin's state and doing something 'funny' in the DMZ to draw world attentions! But the fact is the key of the future of the Korean peninsula is in the hands of Chinese leaders not them! America shall never conquer or making the defiances the north of the DMZ! Imagine if Ameriac irked China again over the south China sea or Taiwan issue.... their boys will well pay the price! The reason why North Korea is defiance is China's support, the sinking of Cheonan 2010 was really a big slap when Chinese leaders told Obama/Hillary to 'grow up a little bit'!

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Firstly, to address the Taiwan issue. China does not have a navy capable of challenging the United States compounds the problem. China is still in the process of completing its first aircraft carrier; indeed, its navy is insufficient in size and quality to challenge the United States. But naval hardware is not China's greatest challenge. The United States commissioned its first aircraft carrier in 1922 and has been refining both carrier aviation and battle group tactics ever since. Developing admirals and staffs capable of commanding carrier battle groups takes generations. Since the Chinese have never had a carrier battle group in the first place, they have never had an admiral commanding a carrier battle group. China depends on the high seas to survive. The configuration of the South China Sea and the East China Sea render China relatively easy to blockade. Lastly, on the issue of North Korea. Beijing has considerable investments in N. Korea and do not wish for the collapes of the current regime. That said, Beijing does welcome engagement and talks with the U.S., but at the same time, Beijing wants to ensure that its influence on Pyongyang, and China's ability to exploit North Korea’s behavior and isolation, do not suffer. China wants what everybody wants. Peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

Like any deal with North Korea, there is reason to be skeptical about the arrangement's longevity. Pyongyang has made it clear this is only a moratorium on testing and nuclear enrichment, and that it will only last as long as high-level talks between North Korea and the United States continue.

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just-a-biggy: Stalin's state and doing something 'funny' in the DMZ to draw world attentions! But the fact is the key of the future of the Korean peninsula is in the hands of Chinese leaders not them!

It was Stalin's trickery that got China involved in North Korea in the first place. They duped the Chinese into supporting the North Korean invasion and China hasn't been able to get away from North Korea ever since. They can't let the regime collapse because they will be flooded with people crossing the border. It was an even worse blunder because China was going to invade Taiwan before the North Koreans prompted the US to get involved, and Taiwan has been free ever since. Stalin played China like a fiddle and they've been stuck in this position ever since then.

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