Obama paints doomsday scene of global warming in Alaska


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Obama set that target as the U.S. commitment to a major global climate treaty to be finalized in December, and has urged fellow leaders to make similarly ambitious pledges as works to secure a cornerstone of his environmental legacy.

Finally a US President has taken some action. It will only work if we Dems, however, not only contintue to win the White House, but take back Congress as well.

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Wow! Obama is waking up. He may be woken up by K. West announcement. I don't know what make Obama suddenly becoming interest in Climate change and he looks like the world will be doomed by tomorrow.

Our earth climate has been changing since day one as according to scientists and before our human invented Coal fire power stations and fossil fuel powered cars. Honest Climate scientists said they don’t have enough data and understanding about connection between global warming and CO2 gas in earth atmosphere. Our Earth temperature was increased 0.8 Celsius in last century (1880 – 2014) and the Earth’s temperature was not actually changed since 2000. More Ice in Arctic sea than before.

Climate change experts need to be honest if they want majority peoples to believe Global Warming was causing CO2 and Climate changing was real. Until now, they are not honest about the result of their research finding. In the last decade, all their prediction was wrong. We still have glacier on Himalaya and more Ice in Arctic than since Al Gore predicted Ice will be gone in Arctic 7 year ago. Al Gore walk away with Nobel Peace prize for his fault prediction and more cashes from investment in renewable energy. Climate change experts must come out with all data and clear up before connecting climate change with current refugees’ crisis in Europe and war in Middle East.

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Obama is gone after his term.

So all this speculations about his successor are mute, personally don't see Kayne.

What many people forget is 1yr to settle in, 2 yrs working, 1yr to campaign for re-election or to leave in 2nd term.

Same overseas we elect them for 4 yrs but they only truly work for 2 yrs.

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Yea, the democrats will save the dreams only. Destroy is more realistic.

He speaks of major concern on climate change which is natural and can swing either direction. He spoke of Furgesson and Trayvon within days of the occurences yet black executions of police are not discussed. Another one today.

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This is the best part, "After hiking the glacier, Obama planned to put his survival skills to the test while taping an episode of the NBC reality TV show “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” Then the president was to board a U.S. Coast Guard vessel to tour the national park before returning late Tuesday to Anchorage."

What survival skills? His cell phone and e-pen? I'd like to see him survive just ONE day and night ALONE in the wilderness, unaided.

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I still think the forces of nature are way more powerful than the forces of man, and that we should be focusing more on how to deal with the inevitable climate change.

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Climate change is a natural phenomenon. Anyone who denies that is just as much wrong as those who deny it's happening at all.

The major problem that the human race is facing is simply that it's happening at a vastly accelerated rate. It is inevitable and in the grand scheme of things the planet will outlast us.

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We should be thankful for the Climate Nuts, they have already saved the earth twice:

James Hansen, 2009: Obama Has 4 Years to Save the Earth.

Prince Charles, 2009: Nations have "less than 100 months to act" to save the planet from irreversible damage due to climate change.

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Climate change is a natural phenomenon. Anyone who denies that is just as much wrong as those who deny it's happening at all.

Strawman. No one is denying it also happens naturally.

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Gordon Brown, 2009: only “50 days to save the world from global warming,” the BBC reported. According to Brown there was “no plan B.”

Rajendra Pachauri (former IPCC head)i, 2007 : if “there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late. What we do in the next two to three years will determine our future. This is the defining moment,”

Too many to list. We owe all our lives many times over to these men.

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Strawman. No one is denying it also happens naturally.

All of the Warmist's talk about is man caused warming as if there is no such thing as a variable climate. The climate has been warming since the end of the little ice age. Scientists have applied their knowledge to constructing climate models that have not accurately predicted temperatures over a few decades let alone a century or more. The politicians have gotten out front of the science. Every year the models fail to accurately predict average global temperatures they lose credibility. Obama is pushing an unproven theory that is having real world consequences for working class and lower Americans.

Gore said the Artic ice cap would be gone by now. He was wrong then and Obama is wrong now. The climate changes. Humans will adapt and thrive as they always have.

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Always nice to hear Republicans talk about climate change.

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