Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys


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Yes Cobbler, you have been pardoned of the crime of being a large, scrumptious, delicious bird eaten by billions of people the world over.

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Yes but ones of her cousins is going to be cooked in my house tomorrow.

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Amazing how mature his daughter looks now. Guess we're all getting old.

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I couldn't agree more. Got the cranberry sauce waiting!!!!

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Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys

I can see it now. Mitch McConnell stating Obama is soft on terror for pardoning the turks.

(Sigh) I already miss making fun of Mitt Romney. It's not as fun as picking on turtle boy. He doesn't offer the constant updates of stupidity with the frequency of Mitt Romney but I believe Mitch is a quality over quantity guy.

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Also forgot to mention. The more turkey you eat; the richer my homies back home get. Turkey farming in the north used to be hard and without a lot of return on your product and then about 15 years ago, a disease wiped out 2/3 of the country's turkey population but only affected southern barns. The turkey farmers in my area went from bust to boom in a matter of months.

Now they are making money hand over fist. It's nice to see family farms succeed in America.

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Cobbler and Gobbler, eh?

YuriOtani - Har!

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