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Obama presses China's Xi on South China Sea

By Roberta Rampton and Michael Martina

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Sounds like they had more of a problem with the American press than anything else. The Chinese government fears free speech.

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The Chinese wont tolerate any disagreement with their policies and expect all the attending countries fall in line to ensure the Chinese public sees a harmonious summit. They can't afford any loss of face domestically.

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Hopefully President Hillary Clinton won't just "press" Xitler on this issue. But kick him in the groin so they take the world's position seriously.

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Obama presses China's Xi on South China Sea

I doubt Xi is shaking in his shoes over Obama's stern lecture. Obama is known for drawing redline he is too sheepish to back up with any action. If I were the Chinese I would consider the next five months an ideal window to get aggressive in the South China Sea.

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For his part, Xi told Obama that China objects to the deployment of a U.S. missile shield in South Korea to help protect against the North Korean nuclear threat

China should not meddle in the affairs of other countries.

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It's really simple, both sides are telling each other to do things they don't want to do.

Hopefully President Hillary Clinton won't just "press" Xitler on this issue. But kick him in the groin so they take the world's position seriously.

Yeah, by telling him to "cut it out!".

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Of course the Chinese claims are nothing but greed and a new imperialism. But its nice to see that Xis comments are getting more and more to the point. I think no one, but their own trolls, can misunderstand the message now. They will take what they think is theirs and they are very peaceful because at the same time they will offer to talk about peaceful relationships with the neighbouring countries. The words is almost like a carbon copy from the 1930:s. Maybe its a good thing that Abe is not yet in the same position as Chamberlain.

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China should not meddle in the affairs of other countries.

I don't see China sending soldiers half way round the world starting wars repeatedly. Now, if we were to talk about countries like USA......

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Looks like the Chinese made Obama get out the arse end of his plane by messing up the rolling staircase positioning and failing to provide a red carpet in a deliberate snub and attempt to belittle America.

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“inject momentum to the global economy..."

Gee....I wonder what he means by that?

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There was quite the Cold welcome at the airport.

This absolutely is NOT OFF TOPIC, though though it IS embarrassing.


Moderator: It absolutely is off topic. We have a separate story about this incident.

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A rocky start indeed, as this article delicately refers.


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Obama "pressed" Xi. That's a knee-slapper.

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China has been making a lot of strategic moves in efforts to thwart the USA, ranging from bilateral deals with countries in Africa to nail down mineral rights and access to ports, to deals with Russia and countries of the Asian steppe, to the obvious military push into the SCS.

President Obama's "pivot to Asia" has been very successful and progress has been made. South Korea (and Taiwan) has been pulled back from the brink of falling completely into China's orbit, Japan is an able and active partner in deterring Chinese expansion into the East Sea.

This G20 snub won't be forgotten and the CCP will rue this action when their party is confined to the dustbin of history, along with the WPK in NK and the USSR's CPSU.

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US , it self can't even abide by UN rule of law, what rght does it has to ask other to abide by it, Hypocrite and self appoint global policeman US are such a LIAR.

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