Obama: Racism, bias in U.S. will take time to tackle


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Racism is not an instinct born into us. Racism is taught by parents, the media, you name it. We're all human, we're all on the same planet, and we'll all die someday. And we had all better learn that heaven and hell are colorblind.

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There is no question that bias exist in the context of Racism, Homophopia, Equality of all types, and I can go on and on. The solution, at least in the US does not lie in more government programs and political correctness but rather in all the varied segments of the population trying to work together. The reason that blacks are always in the news is that they commit crime at such a highly disapportioned rate as compared to their ratio in the general population which I believe is only about 13%. Black community leaders should do more to teach their children that going to school, getting a profession and a job is a much better alternative to selling drugs and committing crimes. Call me racist if you wish but I am from Europe and I look at Great Britain which at one point also had slavery yet race relations in that country are so much better, not perfect, better. It seems in the US the loudest get the most attention, free handouts, and the silent majority, mostly whites just get taught that they are guilty of the crimes of their ancestors. Meanwhile they are just giving away their country and culture which those ancestors work so hard to build.

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Dagnabit! I learned history from Hollywood!!

What I learned USA was built on the Industrial Revolution. Post slavery. Post Indentured Servents also.

I will agree the Native Americans were used and abused. And have legitimate gripes but many have grown past that and do very well for themselves. They don't retain that chip on their shoulder.

Sure am glad Texas is no longer Mexico, south of the border is a mess!

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Racism comes in all colors. Obama was elected by Americans of all colors with aspiration as a good showcase of improving race relation. Now, Americans find out that Obama takes side and his action further divide the country. It takes two to tango; however, race relation can be improved through inter-playing with good role model and examples. There were not much noises from Obama when non blacks were victims, and that is a very bad example. Police must serve the community, but the minority groups must rise above the vicious cycle of dependency and victim's mentality. Good family, parenting and education must be the factors in improving race relation. America makes tremendous progress since civil rights event, not perfect, but should not be hijacked by few self serving opportunistic politicians. Would Obama remember that he is the president of all Americans?

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Very gentle, common-sense comments from a man who obviously knows the subject and a president who has, until now, not often addressed the topic. That anyone can find fault with this is surprising.

The problem of racism, particularly in the US, with its complex history, is vastly complex, but anyone who pretends it does not exist or who simply blames it on the underclass have no clue what they are dealing with.

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I am tired of the couch potato lawyers and judges making statements. I firmly believe in the American justice system over all others. Yes, mistakes are made, but with DNA testing less chance of mistakes and correction of past mistakes.

Remember, Beyond the benefit of doubt.

I was OK with Casey Anthony, OJ etc. we did not have access to all the evidence at all. But the juries did.

Blacks in America need training in family values. It would sure go a long way in helping to raise American Kids with a lot of potential to further the development of society as a whole.

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Obama: Racism, bias in U.S. will take time to tackle

Yeah, there is an issue with racism in America and it's an issue of Political Correctness hiding it.

There is a racial problem in America and it just isn't the whites attacking the blacks. The racial issue is far worse and covered up by the Leftist media.

Where do Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan and Anthony Shihid on these hate crimes? All you need to do is read their unedited commits and you will see for yourselves.

Until people actually start looking into all HATE CRIMES they will never go away.

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"In an interview with BET (Black Entertainment Television),"

Is there WET ( White Entertainment Television )? lol

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Is there WET ( White Entertainment Television )? lol

Yes. It is called "Fox News."

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Which is why I love Japan. One race and no political correctness or "reverse" discrimination.

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Yes, Mr. Obama, it has taken a few centuries and it will take a few more, or forever, or until the settlers' descendants realize what they created, their purpose and its consequences.

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And include the millions of illegal immigrants taking entry level jobs, the blacks will be even more bitter!

Family values, respect for authority, and education go a long way!!!!!!

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What happened to yes we can? I thought the annointed one had solved that problem 7 years ago. Instead, it seems to me, ever since he came into office, we have been hearing more about race every day.

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