Obama says economy showing 'glimmers of hope'


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"Glimmer of hope"... sure, for him! His plans to remake the country into a bankrupt, corrupt, one-party welfare state with semi command economy are proceeding splendidly. A sight to behold.

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The president threw in a dose of sober reality"

Hope! Change we can believe in!

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"Glimmers of hope"?

What a disaster this guy is. Every one of the major players in the lib media who got him elected should resign.

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The initial comments by the JT conservatives would have you believe that the U.S. economy would be fine right now if only Obama had not been elected!

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I am amazed at how the conservatives can even make the word "hope" dirty. The conservatives need to unite to enforce a ban on the word "hope" by the FCC. It is just such a vile word.

By the way, it will be evident that Obama's efforts are working in just over 12 months from now so it is now time to begin the mantra "The economy would have improved anyway."

Oh and conservatives, make sure you say it in that whine you are ever so infamous for.

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goodDonkey: I am amazed at how the conservatives can even make the word "hope" dirty.

When your mindset is "us vs them" and "them" to you is Democrats, then it follows that making hope a dirty word when the enemy says it is a given. Convervatives easily forget that we are all Americans, and seem to need to have an enemy in the room at all times to reaffirm their paranoid mentality.

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exactly. This guy has only been in office three months. These problems happened before we even knew who he was. Heck, some of these problems have been going on since I was in diapers. Lets not even began to state the obvious point that the major collapse of the US economy started under the watch of the conservatives on capital hill. I don't agree with all Obama's policies(abortion in particular) but I am willing to give him a few years before I start to verbally abuse him like I did Bush and his predecessors for as long as I have cared about politics. But guys like Sean hannity and a few posters here at JT have crucified the guy since day one. I know the left wasn't fair to bush, but they at least waited until 911 blew up in his face until they started to nail him to the cross.

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Apparently, if you fell for change - the emptiest, most banal slogan a politician can mouth - hope is the new cotton candy.

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teleprompter said:

Apparently, if you fell for change - the emptiest, most banal slogan a politician can mouth - hope is the new cotton candy.

I did not fall for anything. If we are not experiencing change right now, the conservatives, you in particular, would not be whining on every thread about the changes that are taking place. As our economy gets stronger we will not hear any conservatives giving the credit to Obama. Presidents should inspire hope and if it were Reagan using the word hope teleprompter would be bowing down before him. The reason he must continually use the words: "fall for" "worship" and "messiah" is because of the politics he has always practiced with his beloved conservative leaders. He can't understand how rational people like us can appreciate a true leader who is changing America for the better. He also knows that when Obama leads the liberal ideas to success that many of the myths that conservatives have been supporting for years will be torn to shreds.

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teleprompter: "Apparently, if you fell for change - the emptiest, most banal slogan a politician can mouth - hope is the new cotton candy."

Please! This from a die-hard bush supporter who utterly destroyed the words 'freedom', 'democracy', 'evil', etc.!

It starts with a glimmer, and gets better. Of COURSE it makes the conservatives on here angry that Obama is succeeding -- they would rather see the US collapse in its entirety so that they can say 'I told you so'.

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For the record I think the U.S. economy will not just return to profitability but prove to be a powerhouse once again. I base this not on Obama's efforts but on the American worker. Our economy and financial system are in ruins and Obama is just trying to let American workers do what they do best.

But I have a further hope. The world economy will not only thrive but excel again in the future. One only needs to look at Great Brittan, Germany and Japan to see that through trials and tribulations that time will inevitably bring to any economic structure these great nations have persevered. But more than that even, many countries have joined the prosperous network of our global economy and have improved the lives of their everyday citizens. This is proof enough for me that through global efforts we may continue to see improvement economically when country by country living standards go up.

Hell yes, I have hope that the world will return to prosperity.

So you can just continue to damn us for our hope.

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It starts with a glimmer!

The CBO [ Congressional Budget Office] has projected the initiatives proposed in President Obama's budget would increase the deficit to over $1.8 trillion this year. That is 13.1 percent of GDP and significantly more than the already staggering $1.75 trillion deficit projected by the White House.

It gets better!

The CBO also found that in 2013 the blueprint will result in $672 billion in deficit spending, $139 billion more than the administration's estimates.

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" I know the left wasn't fair to bush, but they at least waited until 911 blew up in his face until they started to nail him to the cross. "

In a parallel universe? In this one, the "left" bashed him from the moment he appeared on the scene. In case you forgot, they didn´t even accept his election.

Obama has been treated with silk gloves so far, partially because nobody wants to be labelled a "racist" for the crime of criticing him.

Any single one of the blunders he has raked up so far would have major headlines for the previous one.

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Let the republicans say anything they want to. Let the Sean Hannity's, Laura Ingram, Ann Colter's, Rush Limbaugh and all the other republican mouth pieces whine and attack.

There is a slow rebound starting to take hold. There are glimmers that what george bush and his ilk did to this country are slowly being reversed.

It's a wonder at how much crying and bitching the republicans can do when it was the republican policies that dragged this nation to the brink of financial disaster.

But remember my republican posters, "Yes We Can!!" Even with your nay-saying Barack Obama and the democratic congress will pull this country back to being a properous country. < :-)

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I love hearing the talking heads of the republican party. Those mentioned are republican talking heads and the ones that express the desires of thew republican party. The ones calling for the failure of Barack Obama and his changes.

They sound just like the republicans here on these posts. The ones who would go back to the ways of george bush even at the demise of this wonderful country.

We watched the last 8 years. We've lived through and in many cases suffered from the republican policies.

Then when Obama makes changes, props up what the republicans allowed to fail and we start to see a glimmer of positive change, the scabs come out of the woodwork hoping that Barack Obama fails. < :-)

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The only glimmer of hope I see are all the Tea Party rallies.

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