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Obama says fight against Islamic State will take time


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I'm not sure why this statement was left out of this article but Obama said, 'Assad must go' to ensure ISIS defeat.

He earlier told CBS television that getting rid of IS also meant getting rid of President Assad: "The point I'm making is Assad is one of the recruiting sergeants for ISIL, that is one of the reasons why people are flocking to ISIL to fight with ISIL."

While there is some truth to this statement, it is the very reason the US promoted ISIS and will continue to do so until Assad is gone. If the US was serious about destroying ISIS, they have the means to stop most of its funding, ISIS can't continue to grow without financial support. Sadly, they want Assad gone so bad, they are willing to allow ISIS to grow.

These are the two reasons the US are so upset that Russia is getting involved, it would threaten their real agenda.

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Saddam is gone, Mubarek is gone, Qadafi has gone, and rather than get better, things have gotten worse. Given the results of previous regime changes, can we really expect things to get better if Assad is deposed. I don't think so.

And now that Russia and Putin are supporting Assad, Obama is not likely to get his way, which would have probably been the case even without Russia's opposition.

What Obama needs to do is keep playing golf, and stop his mouth from making promises his body cannot deliver. Election day is only a year away, and Obama will be gone for good, and many of his promises and policies will go with him.

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Obama needs to insist that "ally" Saudi Arabia cuts funding and support to ISIS. Much more could be done to throttle the economy in ISIS controlled regions if the will were there, but it isn't.

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It's interesting that China seems to be keeping away from the messes in MENA; just patiently watching from the sidelines as the musical chairs game of "my enemy's enemy is my friend" plays itself out.

China knows it needs hydrocarbons to keep growing its economy and could be first in queue to get them after things get sorted in MENA. China also has the infrastructure to ship hydrocarbons out.

I'm not siding with China, but their planning and decision making - at this point - seem to suggest their empire is being firmly established. Like it or not.

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All of you had to crawl before you could walk. Transitioning from an authoritarian system to a democracy is never easy. For those who support Assad, I ask: What steps should be taken to keep him in power, and should take place when he dies?

Criticism is easy. Building a future is hard.

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Obama leading a conference on counter-terrorism is exactly analogous to Saudi Arabia heading a human rights panel.

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U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday pledged all possible tools — military, intelligence and economic — to defeat the Islamic State group


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Because pledging to do something is not the same as actually having to do something.

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Let them figure out their mess. Let Assad stay up at night and let Russian troops search the houses.

Problem solved.

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sangetsu03 and SuperLib, I think you're both on the same page. The ISIS will be defeated; the only question is when and how. The "when" part has taken more urgency with the exodus of refugees, but that by itself does not require hastiness on the "how." Patience is required - though patience is almost nonexistent in domestic political quarrels.

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It's a mistake passing the ISIS problem to Russia. Do any of you think that's a good idea? Russian influence in the ME! Imagine oil supply and price controls.

Putin is clever enoug to know he's got a free pass for the next 13 months to do as he wishes. Thist POTUS will do little to nothing to halt him.

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The ISIS will be defeated; the only question is when and how.

Is this a joke? US has already spent more than 500 millions for training Syrian rebels for defeating ISIS. The weapons US supplied were ended up in ISIS hands.



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Do you all think that Obama wants to "really" fight and win against ISIS?

Do you think that it will "really" take much time if USA "really" decided to go and take care of the problem?

It is what he DOES NOT say and DOES NOT do that is important and meaningful in EVERYTHING Obama says and does.

It is the best "distraction" for the world and for US to keep watch over "terrorism" so that his "hidden agenda" to ???

Let the Muslim revolution continue??? Let the world be in turmoil??? Let the economic conditions of the world continue to decline??? Let the rich get richer??? Let Iran get its nukes by "really"giving them time??? Let the UN get so powerful that it becomes a burden to the entire world where the wealthier nations must "care" for the poorer ones??? Let the government under his administration take all the power away from congress and the supreme court??? Let the wealthier nations "spend" their monies to defend and fight against ISIS and meanwhile give more and more arms to supposed allies that are fighting ISIS??? Let the world be in such disarray that the so called refugees overrun those nations already faced with economic and social disarray???

So far everything he has said and done have only benefited those listed above... very detrimental and divisive results for the entire world. (Not judging good or bad, just simple observation of what seems to be the "trend" or a "design" of some sort which he is playing the key "role")

He has done nothing but to let the world become more "DIVIDED" and full of conflict....


For whose BENEFIT?

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"It's interesting that China seems to be keeping away from the messes"

One of the things the Chinese are good at is shirking responsibility for dealing with international conflicts that might involve their soldiers' deaths or injuries.

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BREAKING NEWS. The russians snubbed the americans at the american embassy in Baghdad. The russians have begun airstrikes in northern Syria against IS.

Heh-heh, , , , let's see how obama / kerry react. What a pathetic administration. Soon the iranians will be in tune with the russians. Ohwell, the deal went through . . . obama is getting double crossed and is now on the sidelines. Pathetic commander-in-Chief I say-

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@MarkG "POTUS will be doing little to nothing"

This "POTUS" looks out like a selfish gospel singer who has no any idea about geopolitics.

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“I have repeatedly said that our approach will take time. This is not an easy task,” Obama cautioned

I agree with Obama. I seem to be the only one. Yet, all those here who criticize Obama have no plan to deal with ISIL.

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You're not the only one. They're just more vocal.

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I have repeatedly said that our approach will take time

And some of us think that obama has repeatedly ridiculed the US military's, "soft role", so to speak, when dealing with IS.

There could be a plan- boots on the ground. The only way to destroy enemy morale is by taking the fight to where they breathe. Not from the air (unless your willing to drop the unthinkable). But nobody is willing (especially islamic states) to put boots on the ground vs IS. Goes to show that battles are won in the temples first, and not the actual battlefield.

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Mr Obama's doctrine is very wonderful: The Daesh has no living space or reaons to exist once if Bashir Assad is gone, thats why the removal of Assad regieme is the highest piority to achieve defeating the ISIS. It was Russian obstructions that lead to the delay.

People, blame all bloods were on Assad's hands.

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IS or Assad's (poorly trained by obama administration) opposition forces. . . hard to tell who's who in the zoo, scattering like cockroaches form russian airstrike.


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And some of us think that obama has repeatedly ridiculed the US military's, "soft role", so to speak, when dealing with IS.

And you are hysterical to think so. Obama has never ridiculed the US military in any way, shape or form.

You are simply living in a fantasy world.

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Obama has never ridiculed the US military in any way, shape or form.

How about when he sent that ship into the Black Sea and the russians disabled it with their radar jamming. Then (the russian SU-24 fighter) repeatedly simulated missile strikes on that ship (USS Donald Cook) I think it was. The crew was demoralized. The Pentagon lodged a protest over that incident.

If that ain't ridiculing the US military, I don't know what is.

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Do you know what "ridicule" means?

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