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Obama says investigation clears his team


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He is lying.

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And Wolfpack is telling the gospel truth. Period

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This is not a surprise. The evidence already released to the public last week cleared President-elect Obama. Governor Blagojevich was caught by federal wiretap whining that the Obama team wouldn't take part in his corruption. Additionally, U.S. Attorney Peter Fitzgerald asked Obama NOT to release the report. This is from a Fitzgerald statement via the Chicago Tribune, fair use!:

"After the president-elect announced an internal transition team investigation, the United States attorney's office requested a brief delay of the release of a report of that investigation to conduct certain interviews," Fitzgerald said in the statement.

The fact is, NO ONE in Illinois was on speaking terms with Governor Blagojevich. The guy was radioactive. Everyone knew something was up, no one wanted to get tainted. As much as some people yearn to believe that Obama is somehow corrupt, they're just not going to find anything here.

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Now that Obama has said he didn't know the guy; that he was just a governor "in my neighborhood"; that he thought the guy had been rehabilitated; that he never personally heard him say such things, I guess we can look forward to all three major networks giving him and his teleprompter an hour of prime time to tell the country that he rejects everything Blago stands for.

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If the gov would go back to basics and let people decide on who should sit there, this problem wouldn't even exist. Let the people vote for who should be their senator, not the government!

Put it out to a vote.

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It would have been so wonderful for the republicans if Barack or any one of his people was tied up in this crap.

But alas, he's clean. < :-)

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Shame upon Governor Blogejevic. He thought he would take the laws in his hands. Let the people decide on who should replace President elect Obama in the senate.

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Blagojevich need only pick someone who is a resident of Illinois, is at least 30 years old, and has been a United States citizen for at least nine years.

Illinois allows substitute senators to stay in place until the unexpired term is done, which would be 2010 in the case of Obama who was elected in 2004.


But to do this, Gov Rod Blagojevich is going to have to be deposed. The Illinois Supreme Court is going to have to do something, fast. As long as he is the govenor and his powers aren't restricted, he can do it. < :-)

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Let the people decide on who should replace President elect Obama in the senate.

The Illinois Constitution gives the Governor the power to appoint a replacement in the event a U.S. Senate seat is vacated. Changing the constitution and holding a special election would be incredibly expensive.


Blagojevich need only pick someone who is a resident of Illinois, is at least 30 years old, and has been a United States citizen for at least nine years.

I volunteer.

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Obama is President-elect. Why doesn't he ask the AG to release the transcripts? Where is the "change" ?

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Gosh this sure seems to be making a few Republican anti-Obama people upset.

Obama - 1 People who, for no reason except extreme jealousy, want Obama to go down - 0

Good on Obama. If anything, this makes him look better. This governor from Illinois has GOT to go.

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show us the tapes!!

A Federal case against Blago will reveal the tapes. = Blago wants this. How much are the Democrats willing to pay/give Blago to peacefully go away?

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There has been nothing funnier about this blago thing than watching neo-cons, of all people, screaming for accountability.

I guess they just learned a new word.

All things considered, I'll take U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's word that there was no evidence to tie President-elect Obama to this scandal.

And if there is a paper trail linking Obama to blago, in all liklihood, it will come out. It's not like Obama can bring in a few industrial shredder trucks to get rid of the evidence; they're all being used over at the cheney residence.


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with Neo-Coms it's always quilty until proven innocent. Blago has only been accused, but everybody thinks he is already quilty -Where is the due process?

Why should we be treating anyone associated with Obama any different.

Being a Neo-Com can be fun it seems. -Get out the waterboards and confess your crimes!

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For the neo-commies (ie. Democrats) it must be shocking that their political savior is just a regular Chicago politician on the make. Obama said that he and his people had no contact with Blagojevich about his successor. Apparently, he didn't talk to his closest advisor before making this blanket statement. Rahm Emmanual is the link to the corrupt governor of Illinois. Face it neo-commies, Obama lied. Not that the main stream media will call him on it - they will be in the tank for Obama until the rest of the rats start jumping off the ship.

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Obama walks on water. Its foolish for anyone to ever question any of his realationships or any of his teams actions. We must believe everything he says or god forbid be labeled a neo con by his followers. If Obama said his team is clean, they are clean. "baaaaaaaaaaah"!

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Face it neo-commies, Obama lied.

Lol! About what? And now it's turning out the Jesse Jackson Jr is the whistle-blower. So much for "Chicago politician(s) on the make." They're not all bad. I mean, it's not Ohio.

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yeah i have to agree with telecaster, there's no evidence of any wrong doing by obama or his team at this point but questions remain. the circling of the wagons by the obama camp however does appear like its business as usual and leaves the impressing they have something to hide.

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Obama was told by Peter Fitzgerald to not release any details. Any idiot can claim he has something to hide. Obama is respecting the wishes of someone conducting a federal investigation. These NeoCon fools wouldn't recognize an honest man. They have been worshiping the Republican crooks for so long they think everyone is dishonest. But you can tell by their posts that they can't stick to the truth. We catch them all the time saying false things.

We are not glorifying Obama. We are just realistic about the fact that our country can improve once we take out the trash.

I have said all along that Obama has no guilt in this matter.

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