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Obama says U.S. has 'moral' obligation in Syria


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Don't we have a moral obligation to our own people before a bunch of jihadist foreigners?

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No, I don't really think we do.

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I'm pretty sure HonestDictator's comment was in reference to the headline, and not jeff198527's question.

What about the rest of the world's moral obligation in Syria?

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"Moral" obligation is code for "we are broke and we can't afford another war. Good luck."

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Everyone has a moral obligation to help. But since we all aren't going to do it, I don't see why one of us has to.

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"I think that we have both a moral obligation and a national security interest in, A, ending the slaughter in Syria but, B, also ensuring that we've got a stable Syria that is representative of all the Syrian people and is not creating chaos for its neighbors," he said.

The only way to do that is to stop aiding the foreign fighters, who are doing most of the killing.

Washington must first establish exactly who had used chemical weapons and when...

According to the UN, the evidence is pointing towards the so-called rebels. Plus, the Syria forces are winning this war, they have absolutely no reason to use chemical weapons.

... in an apparent reference to the flawed intelligence that led America into war with Iraq.

It was not "flawed intelligence", it was a pack of lies; and there has yet to be any accountability for those who lied.

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Oh of course, Syria is an easy prey due to it's non nuclear armed nature!

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There's a moral obligation to close Gitmo too, but that hasn't happened yet. Syria is a much bigger problem and Obama doesn't have the brass for the job. I'm not even sure the US should bother, but I really doubt that wet noodle president is up to the task. If the opinion polls in the US say no then it's not going to happen.

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If it were a clear threat like North Korea or the Mexican drug cartels it'd be a different story, but Syria isn't a threat to us.

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Actually...no, it doesn't.

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