Obama says U.S. to help Nigeria find kidnapped girls


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This is not what the US needs, another way to make Muslims around the world angry and target US lives and interests. This is a Nigerian problem and they have plenty of oil dollars or Chinese Yuan to spend on mercenaries to quickly get rid of the Muslim extremists. China has a lot invested in Nigerian oil and natural resources and are strategically staying out of this issue so the Muslims won't target their flow of resources and are smart to let the stupid media grabbing US politicians do the dirty work and look good on the evening news because election time is coming down the road soon. I don't see any media that Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan is asking China for help. Probably China told him to call the US since they want all the media attention while China quietly devours natural resources around the world and is putting zillions in Goodluck's Swiss account.

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Good luck with that, Obama. Stepping into yet another islamist mess without addressing the root of the problem. Sheer stupidity by this administration.

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This is the "all talk and no action" president. Here we go again.

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Obama said the April 15 abduction, which has ignited international outrage and mounting demands for Nigeria to do more to find and free the girls before they are harmed, is a “terrible situation.”

Too late they have already been harmed.

The goal here must be to eradicate Boco Harem and anything like it.

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I'm all for it, but it should have UN support with equal military resources of all countries, not the U.S. alone.

I'm also in support of what StormR states above to eradicate Boco Harem and anything like it.

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Haven't been in the States for a while, but I seem to remember that such human rights issues as "several hundreds of schoolgirls being kidnapped to be raped or sold into slavery" is a thing that America traditionally frowns upon. Obama is offering technical aid to Nigeria (logistics, intelligence, basic equipment) to help bring these girls home. Does anyone here have a problem with that?

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I'm against any additional presence of US troops. Intel or consulting from FBI is fine. Nigeria has a large military & wealth from oil & the fact that they are too corrupt to fix this on their own doesn't make it our problem. Heinous acts are committed every day, all over the world - we can't stick our noses in everywhere. I say this as someone who has lived in Nigeria.

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Too little, too late....nuff said

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