Obama seeing China leader as South China Sea tensions rise


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He should tell China to back the f&*& off.

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The South China Sea hosts international trading routes vital to the global economy. Stop appeasing China’s President Xi Jinping. The Government of China would not be committing such huge investment developing these artificial islands and not militarize, and implement sea and air exclusion zones..... Obama's dithering is infuriating. He has more 'meetings' than the EU commission

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China is not to be trusted. Period!

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The sleeping Dragon is waking and when it does who knows what will happen...

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@ MarkG "China is not to be trusted. Period!" Im far from Pro China but

Obama is not to be trusted. Period!

Yes We Can - turned into Yes I Can..... continue to turn the US into a police state.

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I really don't understand why China doesn't sit down with these countries and come to workable solution with them. It would be a huge victory for China in the long haul. A massive PR victory. Whether historical facts are, or are not in their favor probably doesn't matter a great deal in the world of real politics in 2016. All they are succeeding in doing is pissing off millions of people. People they expect to trade with in their own backyard. Expect the anti-Chinese rhetoric to grow increasingly strong. The incidents in Vietnam are just a warm up. I can understand they think they are all powerful, same with the U.S, same with the British, same with the Romans, same with every power in history. And then it all comes crashing down. Pride and face winning out over reality

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Right now it is purported that this meeting is another diplomatic effort to get China to stop acting stupid. Once the IC ruling comes through (I wish the other countries would grow a brain and start issuing their problems with territorial claims with China at the IC instead of just the Philippines), it's going to be a warning to China to gtfo or face military eviction.

China wants to test it's newfound military "power" or else they wouldn't have said they'd ignore any IC rulings in the first place. Either they believe nobody is going to attack them because their "stronger" now and the US/NATO and surrounding nations are considered weaker in their opinion.

I sincerely hope reality sinks in soon for China. I'm no war advocate, but at some point countries have to protect their own borders from being encroached on. Which China has been steadily grabbing as much territory as possible over quite a long time. Even Russia has some territorial issues with them, that's how far China's been taking it.

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China's current territorial disputes are almost all historically based on China's rejection against the perceived Unequal Treaties forced upon China, when China was weak and falling apart, and the continuous effort to revoke them. The Sino-Indian dispute is rooted in China's refusal to accept the Simla Accord and the British backed McMahon line, the South Seas disputes rooted in China's conflict with the French/ Indo-China who tried to annex the island as supposed Terra Nullius, the dispute over Diaoyu rooted in the wish of clearing the shame over the Treaty of Shimonoseki. So what the west is talking about is international law and respecting historical legalities. What Beijing would like to do is to have a one-to-one negotiations with all of the claimants and come up with a negotiated deal with each claimant individually. What Beijing does not want is a general conference on the topic because that would allow all of the other claimants to gang up on them.

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