Obama set to launch re-election bid


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Four more years of government gridlock. The good news is there are still lots of countries in the Mideast that the US hasn't started bombing yet. Which one will be next?

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he never stopped campaigning.

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Aside from the obvious fundraising that will be required of him, Obama intends to stay out of the fray until Republicans settle on a candidate next spring.

He'll leave that to the leftwing goons of Soros, SEIU, and other radical groups.

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Time for the GOP/conservatives to start panicking about 2 things:

1/ Can they even begin to hope to match Obama's fundraising prowess?

2/ Which dope are they going to prop up to lead them to take the fall because they simply don't have any credible candidates? :-)

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Ron Paul 2012

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The Repulicans are going to have to put forth more than just attack and fear campaigns if they want to have a chance at winning.

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He will be lucky if he can win one state with his record as President.

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May the stupidity commence.

Year in year out both sides become more hysterical.

Two party system sucks.

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Well, well, well... President Obama, please don't seek re-election. You are a mere disappointment. I don't expect any other candidates do anything better. Rep or Dem. Let's get an another president from American Idol.

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He will receive one more peace award, dun worry.For bombing something else than Libya.Go-go Obama, be a shame of the whole nation, the nation needs idiots like you.

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