Obama stands by U.S. troop pullout from Iraq


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"Al-Maliki also repeated his appeal for help from the Obama administration"

Sorry, they spent everything they had on the bailouts.

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US will put out of Iraq and reduce its deficits in war spending.

Troop will go Afghanistan but remember money spending is still going up and deficits will come from afghanistan.

US needs to recover itself in economy,arms spending should go down to minimum and other parts of economy need to go up.

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Sarge - "Sorry, they spent everything they had on the bailouts."

Sarge seem to have conveniently forgotton that the biggest recession in 80 years, and the first bailout of $680 billion that was thrown away no strings attached, were started by the guy he supported.

Some people have amazingly short memories. :-)

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Even after we leave we'll still be sinking money into Iraq as long as it's being rebuilt. Remember we still have to build water treatment plants, power plants and sewage plants. We're no where done and then we're still paying Haliburton for all the contracts associated with this effort.

Don't worry Sarge, we will be in Iraq for years to come. Just it won't be combat soldiers or Marines. But your buck will help continue paying this no matter what. Your war president started something that will continue one way or another for another decade at least. < :-)

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Good to hear that President Obama is going to follow through with President Bush's Iraq drawdown plan that was set into motion before he left office last January. Now, let's try not to blow it in Afghanistan - you know, the war that the Dems call the 'good war'.

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Wolfpack - "Good to hear that President Obama is going to follow through with President Bush's Iraq drawdown plan that was set into motion before he left office last January.

It's even more hilarious when you and your as yet unborn grandchildren will be stuck paying for all this! :-)

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Wolfpack you mean the war that bush used as a stepping off spot to go into Iraq.

Under bush's original plans we would still have many permanent bases. Under bush's original plan, John McCain would like it, we'd be there another 100 years.

This is one time that stay the course is proper and thought out. < :-)

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Mixed feelings about this.

In the first place, the US should not have gone into Iraq the way it did (I suppose it is all water under the bridge now). However, I don't like the idea of cutting and running, especially when the Iraqi government is about a stable as a three-legged table. Without the US military in the country, I am rather concerned as to whether the Iraqis can fill the gap. Pulling out too quickly might result in a void of power, which is something that chaos loves.

On the other hand, however, I think that many grunts on the ground will not be sad to see an end to Iraq deployments. Indeed, I think many grunts are not that excited about standing around on street corners waiting for IED/sniper attacks. Such a policing role is something that the US military is not that well equipped for. As such, the sooner the Iraqis take responsibility for their own destiny the better. Moreover, bringing the troops home (even if it is prior to Afghanistan deployments) will ease the burden on military families.

Anyway, if this thing actually goes ahead, one positive outcome will be that forces can be both restructured (rested) and redeployed to Afghanistan to combat the influence of both the Taliban and AQ.

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timorborder - Considering Afghanistan as a threat is so last month.

Pakistan is now the real threat, and if the US surges in Afghanistan, it will very likely push the Taliban into Pakistan, increasing the risk they will get their hands on that country's nukes.

Now we have 1 more country in the ever increasing circle of nations that America is bunny-hopping its troops into and out of.

Heh, OBL's plan of bankrupting America is going just fine, it's just a pity the GOP and their clueless supporters didn't see it coming way back in 2003.

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The war was lost...with 4350 US servicemen/women killed in Iraq!

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really daydream, where would these permanent bases be? The US embassy doesn't count.

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The war was lost...with 4350 US servicemen/women killed in Iraq!

And you can add to that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, who in spite of the manner in which they are portrayed in the Western media, are actually real human beings!

Anyway, added all up, these people are what is conveniently called "collateral damage."

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Noliving I guess you need to look where the bases are right now. he was going to leave US troops on bases we've already built.

Yes really. < :-)

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