Obama tells Congress no need for new Iran sanctions


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The reality is that there is no need for even the present 'sanctions' the US has imposed on Iran, supposedly over its IAEA inspected, NNPT compliant, civilian - as certified by every American and even every Israeli intelligence service - nuclear medicine and energy program. Unfortunately, the American public is not interested in the facts, having the same sort of mindset (at least when it comes to Iran) as the Japanese public used to have towards Korea.

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We lose nothing we now have over 900,000 killer drones, so no problem, sanction??? ha ha, we enforce our own sanction with drones of great stealth. wow!!! how naive...Country with the most oil needs nuclear power to boot... You think your really cooking? No love for Iran and their back world Muslim abuse. Iran is rotten to the core, There is no love in this region of hate ...

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