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Obama to nominate Clinton secretary of state on Monday


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Nooooo! Why can't the Dems let Shrillary disappear. Personally I think Richardson would have been a better pick.

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I guess she will be dodging more "sniper fire"...LOL

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Payback for her and Bill's endorsement.

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Nothing like making a deal with the devil.

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Good grief! There are many other people more qualified/better suited for this very important job than Hillary Clinton. Obama should be fired for this appointment and replaced with McCain, who is actually qualified to be the president.

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Odd to think that when her husband characterized the last Democrat administration as basically a bunch of "Eisenhower Republicans" he was also speaking of the next.

If only we had known it...

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Obama cannot be fired - because the "Office of The President Elect" doesn't exist. -In fact the delegates have not even voted hIm President Elect yet. He is more an "Office of to be President Elect"

Anyway I hope carpetbagger Hillary is finally happy or now actually has something to complain about.

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Well, she can't be any worse than Condoleeza Rice. Does anyone know what Condi has achieved as Secretary of State under Bush?

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Would Hillary's appointment be unconstitutional? (I'm asking conservatives. It's clear that Obama supporters have little regard for the Document.)

Article 1 Section 6:

"No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office."

Emoluments - "Payment for an office or employment; compensation"

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"Well, she can't be any worse than Condoleeza Rice."

Sure, she can.

"Does anyone know what Condi has achieved as Secretary of State under Bush?"

Plenty. Look it up. More than Hillary will probably achieve.

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Well after the stink of the Bush administration it's pretty refreshing to have that old Hillary fragrance back in the white house.


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I think you will find the current interpretation of that section is that members of congress are not allowed to simultaneously hold other offices. Hillary's enevitable resignation from the Senate will take care of that.

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The chief job of the U.S. Secretary of State is foreign relations. Not sure if Hillary is the best choice for the task. But other countries may feel we have stepped back about 8 years on our foreign policy, and I cannot see that as anything but good.

My feelings are mixed, but I think I would have prefered genuine change, and this isn't it.

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The choice of Hilary as Secretary of State is an excellent choice. Numerous Republicans have acknowledged that she is a great choice. I look forward to the dignity she will provide for the office. Her poise will be accented by her ability to address issues with a firm hand. She will be very tough and unlike Rice she will not appear to be a lab dog. Madam Secretary of State Clinton already has established good relationships around the world; they will prove to be an asset as we untangle the mess that Bush created.

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"unlike Rice she will not appear to be a lab dog."


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So.... we now know the meaning of "change".

We're changing back into the clinton administration. Look at the list of cabinet appointments so far. And now whiny as SECSTATE?

But... it's gonna be fun to watch Obama try and control Hillary. Wanna set odds on who ends up pulling the strings?

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"Numerous Republicans have acknowledged that she is a great choice"

They're wrong too.

"We're changing back into the clinton administration"

Obama is acknowledging he and his team don't have enough experience to run the government.

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sarge: "Obama should be fired for this appointment and replaced with McCain, who is actually qualified to be the president."

HAHAHAhahaha... not in the least. You tried this kind of rhetoric before, and the majority of Americans proved that the same kind of crap from the mouth of McCain himself (and the worst choice in his career and what lost him the election -- Palin) is not true and not the kind of talk worthy of people in office. Sorry sarge, but the election is over; you lost.

As for your comments on Rice, I noticed that when someone asked you for proof of her accomplishments your answer was simply 'plenty', with no links, and nothing said whatsoever aside from 'look it up'. Ie., she has done very little, and by the time Hillary is done doing an excellent job, the latter will have far more successes to show for it.

We know this is making a lot of heads explode on the right, but just suck it up, boys and girls, suck it up... and welcome your new President Obama, VP Biden, and now Secretary of State Clinton.

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You are totally wrong once again. Obama will make an excellent president. His choice of Hilary was wise. And of course as usual you have sour grapes.

America voted in a liberal. Clinton will help to advance our liberal policies. The conservatives lost and lost very bad. America made its choice. Now Obama is making excellent choices for his prestigious cabinet.

The Esteemed Madam Secretary of State Hilary Clinton will undo the failures of Bush and Rice under the Esteemed President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

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sarge: "They're wrong too."

Again, the only ones wrong here are the few who still think McCain would have been right. Fortunately, the majority of Americans wisely chose in favour of the better man, and better VP. That's fact, my friends, and that makes YOU wrong.

Hillary will make all your lives better than they were under bush with rice; I know it really irks you to hear it, but it's something you're clearly going to experience.

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Actually this is a pretty good choice. Just think of how many concessions Iran, North Korea, Russia etc will now give us in advance just to try to keep down to a minimum any real face time with her.

Heck, Iran might just turn off the whole nuke program to avoid any possibilty of her dropping by for a little chat.

She's doesn't need carrots as the threat of her stopping by is more than stick enough to move things forward to our advantage. I know I'd give up plenty to prevent her from ever wanting to visit my place that is for sure.

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Nothing like sour grapes, eh, sailwind?

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I never would have guessed Michelle Obama would allow the Clintons anywhere near the White House. Not so much because of Hillary and her schemes, but because of Bill and his bad influence. "Hey, Barack, have you ever been to happy hour at the Holiday Inn on 11th Street? C'mon, live a little. You're President. The free world needs a President that ain't so tense.... Come say hi to Candy, she's a virgo."

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"America voted in a liberal"

Yeah, too many Americans got suckered by Obama. ( not me )

"Nothing like sour grapes, eh, sailwind?"

Nothing like being wrong, eh, smith? As for your comments on Rice, saying she has accomplished very little, what, did you expect her to single handedly get the Palestinians and the Israelis to kiss and make up and have a love fest?

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I didn't vote for Hillary! This is BS!!

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there's a pretty good chance the Obama administration will continue Clinton's foreign policy of a weak United States. This should give the enemies of democracy enough breathing room to further their efforts to destroy her.

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Personally, I think President-elect Obama should have gone with Bill Richardson. However, considering the time that was spent to vet her to ensure she had the knowledge and qualifications (it was considerably more than a "you betcha"), I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.


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Obama is very intelligent, he knows how many angry White women did NOT vote for him in these elections. He knows how many women wanted to see the first WOMAN president, and he knows that by treating Hillary Rodham Clinton with respect and dignity, he will not only be in the White House for 4 more years, but possible an extra 4 more years (a total of 8 years my friends) as good ol' John McCain would say.

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women wanted to see the first WOMAN president, he knows that by treating Hillary Rodham Clinton with respect and dignity, he will not only be in the White House for 4 more years, but possible an extra 4 more years

You're probably right. What a sad commentary about his motivation and judgment in selecting a secretary of state. Solely based on politics rather than qualifications. Even Condi had some education and experience in foreign policy before being selected as secretary of state.

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"However, considering the time that was spent to vet her to ensure she had the knowledge and qualifications"

I betcha she knows everything there is to know about sniper fire.

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Actually... she knows NOTHING about sniper fire.

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