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Obama to visit Australia's far north


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Let's hope President Obama's visit to Darwin will cause his brain dead economic policies evolve into something capable of reducing unemployment and a huge trillion dollar annual budget deficit.

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Three great surfing spots. Please take me Mr. President!

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Lets hope he stays there...

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Yankee, please don't wish that on us having one retard leader is enough we don't need another

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Stupid spell check, that should have been Yanee not Yankee apologies

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After having to cancel his trip to Oz twice already, let's hope the insane asylum that is U.S. politics doesn't cause him to cancel once again.

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Sorry Spidapig! I like Australia but gotta do SOMETHING with this guy....

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Gee, Obama-haters are crawling out of the woodwork. Not surprising, as the Republican Party has made Halloween its year-round, never-ending horror-fest of a tradition. Look at their economic policies, where apparently an economy with corporations stuffed to the gills with cash and not investing due to lack of demand require efforts to stuff more cash in their pockets. Look at their social policies, where being unemployed, sick or old is the responsible of the individual and of absolutely no social concern. Look at their environmental policies, where they put the onus on the polluted to prove environmental destruction will outweigh profits. Look at their foreign policy, with them yankin' at the chain to unleash the Bush-depleted military at Iran and foam at the very Obama policies that have seen the demise of both bin Laden and Kadafi.

Mostly, look at their candidates for the presidency. Masks all, and hideous ones at that.

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Back on topic please.

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He'll visit Darwin? Perhaps he can make the case for evolution - certain others seem to resist that theory.

At any rate, he is America's first Hawaiian president, and as such, should connect with the Aussies much better than the previous. Does anyone still remember the reverse peace sign through the limo window? - that has a very different meaning down under.

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I am sure those funny Aussies with great Foster's beer and shrimps on the barby will show our president Obama a good old time, right mates?? Surfs up!

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