Obama urges China to cool cyber, maritime tensions


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I think this is a case of "Don't do as I do, do as I say."

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Yeah, the hacking thing is done by both sides. I suppose governments really aren't allowed to come out and say that. Instead they just get outraged, then continue to hack the other.

As for the maritime disputes, seems pretty cut and dry that China is out of step with the international community on this one.

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Spying is spying. Only difference is the CCP is targeting privately owned corporations to hack. The US feds know that there will be constant hacking on our government.

The maritime dispute on the other hand is a much clearer stance. That area doesn't belong to China.

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china is the world's largest economy. Superpower? well it takes some time to become a superpower. but in the end, the antarctica join drills to protect wildlife did cool the tensions. spying like usa did on france and that spying has become prob normal for politicians. it will keep happening and ya the islands in south china sea already show here that its china's and wont change.

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