Obama vows to hit IS harder, says commandos now in Syria


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Obama is not getting tougher on ISIS. This trip is all about optics, not substance.

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No. When Obama talks, people listen.

Since you forgot: Obama said he would go into Pakistan to get OBL, even without Pakistan's permission. Obama got OBL.

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The administration announced in late October that Obama had approved sending up to 50 special operations troops to Syria on the first open-ended mission by U.S. ground forces in Syria.

There. "Boots" (plural) on the ground.

U.S. officials had refused to say whether the American commandos had begun their mission.

Well lets hope they're not sitting around in knitting circles. If the administration has deployed them, use them wisely.

“tighten the squeeze” on Raqqa

More mumbo jumbo from obama? Lets see the tightened "squeeze" and hope it does more than just "contain" them.

But he also acknowledged that recent terrorists attacks, including those in Paris and San Bernardino, illustrate the need to hit IS harder.

Incredible. He' just barely figured that one out? @Joe. You're right. But this clown was never "tough" to begin with.

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I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down. I read earlier that ISIS declared a fat way on downs children. These loosers are equal to the worste of the Nazi's in 1944. The time was a few years ago.

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Russia's involvement is forcing the cronies hands in the US I'm guessing. No more time for games and hand slapping I think?

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Goes to show how Obama obsessed our resident Republicans are - they can't even get behind their president for the Chuck Norris stuff. Fantasies that usually get 'em wet.

Talk about giving comfort to the enemy...

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"When Obama talks, people listen."

Heh, according to Obama, ISIS was a "JV team" that was "on the run" and "contained".

Talk is cheap. Obama's promises are even cheaper . . . .

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Tsk Tsk. Criticising the president at a time of war is highly unpatriotic old friend.

Daesh thanks you for the comfort your comments surely bring.

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Which president Madverts? Obama cannot even publicly say "Radical Islam" or "Extreme Islam." . . . Let alone "admit" that we are "at war" with them.

The republican party knows this. They just don't hide it because that would be "highly unpatriotic."

Christ! Do liberal leaders even take "Oaths of Office" anymore??

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Obama cannot even publicly say "Radical Islam" or "Extreme Islam." . . .

Because that would solve everything and terrorism would by magic become a thing of the past... It's a testament to the fact that republicans have got so precious little to hit Obama with that they have to come up with this inane "he can't say radical Islam" drivel. Pretty obvious dog whistle too...

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