Obama welcomes new Iraqi leadership as 'step forward'


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"the U.S. weapons already are being directly sent to Irbil — where U.S. personnel are based — consist mostly of light arms like AK-47s and ammunition."

I never knew AK-47s were U.S. weapons.

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Maybe because we have so many in our military arsenal qualifies it as a US weapon, methinks. For the life of me, I don't know how they figure these things out, but hey...

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Could be the AK's are less temperamental than the AR's which require more routine cleaning. Also AK spare parts are more available in that region.

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Obama used to believe that meddling in other countries affaires caused them to hate America. He used to believe that bombing other countries only increased recruiting for terrorists. But that was before he became president. None of that applies now.

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Saddam would have prevented all this insanity.

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*Have you forgotten Saddam gassed and killed thousands of his people, tortured and killed anyone who opposed him.... threw people in prisons without trials....

Obama inherited Iraq he didn't make it.....*

Obama is incompetent, but that's besides the point. True, he inherited the mess, but my point is, this mess would never have happened if the U.S. invaded Iraq on nothing but lies.

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Obama is incompetent, but that's besides the point. True, he inherited the mess, but my point is, this mess would never have happened if the U.S. invaded Iraq on nothing but lies.

Well, there is absolutely NO proof that things would NOT have turned out the way they are if we didn't invade. That's all in the past, NOW what do we do to stop this wave.

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Well 'zichi' replace 'Saddam' with 'America' and tell me what the difference is. And bass4funk you know that it was our meddling that has Iraq in the state it's in today, and as soon as we forget the past we repeat it. What do we do to stop this and the future waves? Stay out of other's affairs unless we're willing to move in and take over the whole country's problems and since we don't seem to be taking care of many of the problems here in the States I don't really think that's a good idea.

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There are 40,000 believers who are sitting on top of a mountain at the top of the Kurdish territory of Iraq without food or water. And the best we have is a C-130 flying over, dropping a few gallons of water and some MREs. If we had good sense we would arm the Kurds, as we said we would! Those people, the only friends we’ve got in the region apart from Israel, we’ve left them with their pants around their ankles. We do nothing but stand back and watch ISIS use the weapons that we created. Where is the outrage in this country that we have not kept our promises to those Kurdish people They stand there tonight battling with little more than the hopes that America will once more be a nation that values people who love freedom and who love God. And why aren’t we there?

Interesting point: Mike Huckabee said this yesterday. The GOP response to this will be interesting to watch.

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