North Korea fires 4th round of missile tests in 1 week


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Nobody in the picture is paying attention to the TV showing the rocket. Interesting.

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It's ok Kimuchan, we haven't forgotten you. We know you are big, bad and scary. We also know what totalitarianism and paranoia does to people, and to never take your eye off a madman.

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Nobody is paying attention

Including you !

If you were you would notice a person on the right who is staring directly at the screen !

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Awa no Gaijin

Nobody is paying attention

Including you !

> If you were you would notice a person on the right who is staring directly at the screen !

They might also have their eyes closed.

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Little Rocket Man - a midget just like Mini-me Putin - is desperately seeking attention. Again.

Land one on Japan and your hermit kingdom is no longer on the map.

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The main reasons for NK’s missile launches are:

-Crew training opportunity

-Demonstrating technology to buyers from Yemen, Iran, etc

-Depletion of expired stock

-Testing of new technology

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Rocket man is at it again

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Lol yeah who am i to assume they're actually paying attention.

Good point !

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I have read some have nominated David Attenborough to win the Peace Prize, that sounds like a good choice to me. Humans have warred with other forms of life on the planet far too long. No doubt that would trigger the anti-empathy and compassion-free, including religious extremists who believe they are required to subdue and have dominion over life on the planet.That includes those who believe if they get killed fighting in a war led by their master, their sins (whatever that means) will be forgiven.

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Little Rocket Man - a midget just like Mini-me Putin - is desperately seeking attention. 

by the way - Japan help Mr Zelenskiy very much against Russian

Good. Very good.

If you get so much attention, you can't be ungrateful.

So now - Russia starts much more close cooperation with North Korea...

For example North Korea recognized Donetsk People's Republic....

As far as I understand they need a lot of modern weaponry...

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The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said the launches highlight "the destabilizing impact" of North Korea's unlawful weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs.

How are NK's weapons programs unlawful?

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Previous commenters actually live here?

Comment on topic at least. It isn’t trivial to launch rockets. Weak “arguments” like calling people names has zero value.

Try to think.

Your opinion does not matter. These are situations.

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Some observers also reported that the Iskander missiles are getting shot down by the dozen in Ukraine. Not doing to good in the battle field.

Some observers say the weapons' reported low and "irregular" trajectory suggest they were likely nuclear-capable, highly maneuverable missiles modeled after Russia's Iskander missile. They say North Korea has developed the Iskander-like weapon to defeat South Korean and U.S. missile defenses and strike key targets in South Korea, including U.S. military bases there.

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Disgustingly, the biggest source of funding for these missiles is pachinko casinos. And pro-North Korean media such like TBS or Asahi Shimbun.

Ironically, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, who's accusing the Unification Church, supporting some North Korean-affiliated Protestant churches to finance the missiles, and many cases of child abuse and sexual assault of female congregants have occurred at those churches.

If you can read Japanese, search 'Kobe Shin-kyokai.'

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