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Typhoon lashes eastern Taiwan as it heads for southern Japan


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I have to fly through it.

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I have to fly through it.

Odds are slim you will fly "through" it. Over it, around it, maybe, through it, doubtful at best. No airline flies "through" typhoons. They ground planes or get them off the ground, well before they are affected by the winds.

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never get stuck on the isles around august , it’s relentless sometimes you get two ‘phoons consecutively and the ferry line packs up

Which "isles" are you talking about? Oh and typhoons dont just pop up in your backyard without warning. Everyone knows days ahead of time, and the only way you might get stuck is if you keep your head in the sand.

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I have my child over in Guam and got word that my child is safe. Many friends a week later are struggling to get water it over 2 hours just to get a couple bottles of water, and 3-hour line up yesterday to get gas and there is still no electricity for much of the country. I have been trying relentlessly to get through by phone to a friend's hotel, the phone rings but no answer and other friends, too, but nothing. They expect it is going to take over a month to get life back to a little normalcy.

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My chum is in Japan at present and is due to fly out from KIX on the 4th, oh dear, how bothersome

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“I’m on the roof, but I’m not being blown away by the wind,” Juliet Cataluna, a Batanes provincial official in the coastal town of Ivana

Being on the roof is probably not the best place to test the wind strength to see if you get blown away. Lol. Good luck with that.

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Typhoon Mawar lashed Taiwan's eastern coast

Thoughts and prayers for Chinese province of Taiwan...

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Thoughts and prayers for Chinese province of Taiwan...

Dream on. Meanwhile thoughts and prayers for the Taiwanese.

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