Ohio police shoot escaped lions, tigers, bears dead after owner frees them, then kills himself


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This is horrible.

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Hmm..they raided the farm in 2008 and seized 100 guns? Sounds like a nutter to me, but I suppose others would say he was just a "good ole boy".

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poor animals but they dont have choice.... this is a great dillema

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I'll probably go to hell for this, but here goes:

Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!

Back to the serious matter at hand, I definitely understand that the safety of the populace had to be prioritized. Really don't understand what could've driven the owner to do something like that.

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A monkey that might be infected with Herpes was still unaccounted for


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Really don't understand what could've driven the owner to do something like that.

He was probably bitten by the unaccounted for monkey with herpes.

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This guy over in Ohio sounds like a real lunatic, but the state of Ohio is even more stupid for allowing a freak like this to own so many guns and exotic animals in the first place.

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If the guy had been raided in teh past, why was he allowed to keep such a place going? Anyway, what a scumbag. If he wanted to off himself then that's his prerogative, but he should have called a conservation group or something to ask them to retrieve the animals after he was gone. I guess the nut just wanted to see what happened, and had heaps of poor animals killed as a result.

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I feel very sorry for the animals that had to be put down and for the officers that feel bad about having to do it. I am sure some enjoyed it though and I hope kharma gets them hard.

One “very aggressive” tiger was shot dead on Wednesday morning when it went “crazy” and started to run toward nearby woods after it was shot with a tranquilizer, Lutz said.

Well gee, what did you expect? I would say that tiger was not aggressive, but rather aware and proactive.

Anyway, sounds the like the guy lost his mind, so there is no sense expecting rational action from him. Its just too bad that Americans are short some basic freedoms while people like this have unnecessary fringe freedoms that present a clear and present danger. You want 18 bengal tigers in your backyard? Okay! You want to grow some weed in your backyard? The ATF flies over sees it and you go to jail. The land of freedom...s you never wanted or considered.

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TIgers? Lions? In your back yard?? Just INSANE! I would not even like to have a neighbor with PITBULLS, let alone tigers etc..RIP poor animals and may the people of Ohio get their heads out of where the sun dont shine and change the laws on owning exotic animals ASAP!!

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ElBuda, te quiero tambien and all these poor animals captivated only to be killed. RIP. How keeping those animals was allowed anyway is just as incredible as this whole sad story.

On another note, lol, I completely misunderstood that headline. I thought that the police killed himself after killing the animals.

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" guess the nut just wanted to see what happened,"

See what happened after he snuffed himself?

Poor animals.

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I'm totally with Smith on this on. It is a terrible waste and the state should have known better than to let him keep those animals in the first place.

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Ohio will probably tighten their exotic animal laws after this, but it's too late to save those endangered Bengal Tigers.

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you can buy tiger ....................??

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You can do almost anything you want in Ohio. It votes blue from time to time, but everything south of Columbus is red state through and through. I grew up in Southern Ohio. The movies Deliverance and Gummo sum up those parts pretty well.

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Why is this even left to the states? Why isn't there federal legislation against this? And where was the US Fish & Game Dept? In countries where cops aren't armed, this mass slaughter would not have been an option, because it would have been left entirely to people who knew what they were doing, instead of Keystones and zoo keepers.

And I had to read the following a few times, wondering why the woman was found dead:

The remaining animals were taken to the zoo but were expected to eventually be returned to the estranged wife of Terry Thompson, 62, who was found dead in the driveway.

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