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OJ Simpson granted parole in armed robbery


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The parole decisions. Is his robbery crime 9 years ago. For murder trial he was in jai for years until murder weapons were found in Calif. and proven he was living in a casinoHotel when murder occurred and new trial gave. him not guilty verdict. S, some people are trying to. get share of his jai time compensation.

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Money seeking lawsuit Util you win, it is not over. One settled, amount will not be changed. Because. Murder trial vedictvwas NT guilty, plaintiff. has to appeals in different courts. Defendent usually sue for civil harraaassment on some. Of plaintiff's suppotes. Ount my mushroom but that does NT mean in ocdentt people will be. ordered. To pay. anything

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Victims families have been sueing and sueing before and after he received not guilty verdict. First trial,

many enlarged photos of Nicole's beaten up face were revealed on LV Review Journal. After not guilty, Nicole and Ron' s families had to resue periodically. Goldman just had interview by FOX yesterday. Other report. O J. want to live with friend, not with his daughter.

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Civil lawsuit against him by Nicole' and Goldman's families became null

where did you hear that? It is completely false. He owed 35 million, with interest it is now 57 million dollars. Yes his NFL pension can not be touched but he does owe the money

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Civil lawsuit against him by Nicole' and Goldman's families became null because OJ received innocent verdict. Calf court did not believe OJ flew from Vegas, murdered and flew back to Vegas.

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He has children in Florida. Nevada Parole Board may help him to move to Florida. Nevada will pay Florida parole board expenses related to O J.

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OnionToday  11:17 pm JST

It is sad that most everyone I idolized as a child on my Wheaties box has become rather strange.

I don't think it is a racial issue as the post suggests.

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It is sad that most everyone I idolized as a child on my Wheaties box has become rather strange.

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He has $400,000 back payments from his NFL pensions

but he owes 57 million dollars still in his civil wrongful death suit

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the "real" killers better watch out! OJ is gonna find you! haha

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this story is confusing. i don't follow entertainment news, but who killed who? who used a gun? if someone steals my stuff and i know who, just call the police. don't take a gun.

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What a joke this guy is, but he was a model citizen and the parolees had to follow the law, it you could tell they weren't happy about it.

But knowing how OJ is and given his narcissistic past, I wouldn't be surprised if he found himself in trouble again, it's all about him.

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He was ushered into one room in Palm Station Casino Hotel. It is not someone's home.

@Dan, I am not you. I neither driiiink nor smoke. I eat chocolate and drink hot green tea, though.

@zich: investigators looked all over Vegas for murder weapon but could not find but juroorsvgave guilty verdict. Then later murder weapon was found inn LA area. New trial and he was not guilty.

OriiginalOriginal nudge quitted nudge after trial and she had TV trial show, Jamie Glass'sMustice. After OJ was declared innocent, she returned to be judge.

In Nevada, all news channels concentrated on OJ stoory

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Man convicted of armed robbery gets parole because he's famous.

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Good! Now he can resume his search for the real killer.

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"He has remained a kind of radioactive figure in American life, precisely because of him being associated with the ancient taboo of a black man accused of doing violence to a white woman," 

What a load of tosh. He was associated with the modern taboo of a wealthy and privileged person being able to murder 2 ordinary people and get away with it.

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He wasn't guilty other than trying to get his own property back.

Right, and if I break into you house, allegedly using a gun, and threatening your life, to get my property back it's ok?

Why romanticize the dude. He got away with the murder because he was a rich man, and hired a competent lawyer.

Any other black man would have gotten the chair!

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walk out of prison a free man

Conditions apply

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toshiko, have you been drinking?

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A magnificent actor. Almost Brandoesque.

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Not so easy. He had gesr stared before Nicole's bloody body was found. He has to fokkow parole board rike. The casino hotel Robbery occurred, Palm Station announced closing and will be demolished.

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The Juice is loose!

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