Olympic James Bond parachutist killed in Swiss Alps


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So sad, my heart goes out to him and his families. Him parachuting was a totally awesome and poignant memorable moment. Such a shame to hear stories of something so sad and tragic to happen to real people that try to make this world a betters place.


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wing-diving, as thrilling as it must be, is like playing Russian roulette. You do it enough times and your number is up. Sad, yes. Tragic, no.

I'm curious how Sutton made the world a better place by wing-diving?

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Daredevils know the risks they are taking. So he knew he was playing a deadly game.

Anyway ... his parachuting into the Olympics with the Queen is one scene I will never forget from the London Olympics.

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One is distraught at this tragic news.

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There are those of us who risk their lives to achieve something they seem to comprehend and the ones around think the former can but I can't and there is loss of life which is such a waste and so sad and makes me think and probably the ones around them too why and the answer will never satisfy them because there is none - so unbelievably sad.

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