Omicron spreads global gloom over New Year's celebrations


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Is it any wonder? Two weeks to flatten the curve is now 3 jabs to feed your family.

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Some movie theaters stayed open in an act of civil disobedience.

I'll buy 10 tickets and a 30 bags of popcorn to thank you for standing up to this insanity.

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According to Newsweek, only one person in the US has died while infected with omicron. The 50-60 year old patient was already a high risk patient since he was unvaccinated, it was his second Covid infection and he had underlying conditions.

I think there is some significant massaging of facts in the news now. Actually, omicron isn't even newsworthy at all.

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I'll buy 10 tickets and a 30 bags of popcorn to thank you for standing up to this insanity.

I doubt you will!!!

And despite the highest death toll from COVID-19 in Europe, Russia will ring in the new year with little if any restrictions. 

putin has no problems sacrificing his people to prove whatever he is trying to prove.

It is definitely upsetting that we are back to lockdowns and restrictions, but whatever that needs to be done to fight this virus should be done!

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The danger of it all is more people will become infected. This will lead to the creation of new variants. That's the big problem.

Maybe yes and maybe no. And it could be an even milder variant with a higher percentage of people having no symptoms. You can’t call an unknown a big problem.

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data shows that Omicron spreads fast but is not as deadly as previous one...say in Australia one dead caused by omicron,guy with bad health condition 80yo/referring to story published here yesterday i could not discusseed because discussions "were closed"/.but yes somehow it seems that media want to keep people afraid and stressed even this part of year...its time to STOP to publish these so called "news".

take care of your health,eat well drink well,relax your body natural immunity.

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You can’t call an unknown a big problem.

The more a virus is allowed to spread, the more it has chances to mutate into different forms.

Omicron might be leading to less symptomatic virus' or it could be the devil's variant, fooling people to believe things are fine letting it spread with milder symptoms, only to create a much severely health and death detrimental symptomatic version.

This virus is not going away. Chances are your idea that the virus gets diluted with each variant is naive at best, a dumb way to go, at worst with spread allowed to go unabated.

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This is an actual doctor working with Covid patients

Most patients I’ve seen that had 2 doses of Pfizer/Moderna still had ‘mild’ symptoms, but more than those who had received a third dose.

More fatigued. More fever. More coughing. A little more miserable overall.

But no shortness of breath. No difficulty breathing.

Mostly fine.

> Most patients I’ve seen that had one dose of J&J and had Covid were worse overall. Felt horrible. Fever for a few days (or more). 

Weak, tired. Some shortness of breath and cough.

But not one needing hospitalization. Not one needing oxygen.

Not great. But not life-threatening.

> And almost every single patient that I’ve taken care of that needed to be admitted for Covid has been unvaccinated.

Every one with profound shortness of breath. Every one whose oxygen dropped when they walked. Every one needing oxygen to breath regularly.

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Dr. Craig Spencer, in case anyone wants to check.

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This is an actual doctor working with Covid patients

Plenty of idiotic 'professionals' out there. They're called quacks, in the old days. Now, they're just lacking true critical thought, replacing it with bias and narratives that the non science people believe, but they'll believe any silly thing they choose.

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take care of your health,eat well drink well,relax your body natural immunity.

The above is another suggestion by the anti-vaxxers implying it's mostly old folks, cancer survivors and the obese getting hit hardest by Covid so it's all right to discriminate against them, while the anti-vaxx/pandemic deniers claim that wearing masks and maintaining social distance discriminates against them and their fellow pandemic deniers. As someone who has friends and relatives who are cancer survivors, some of whom are older I'll continue to follow precautionary advice from medical authorities and ignore the numerous noisy bleats from the anti-vaxxers and pandemic deniers.

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The reason is spreads gloom over holiday cheer is because we continue to think cheer should prioritize safety, and that the virus should make exceptions when it comes to our customs and having fun. Schools were begging the virus to "just wait a few more days until winter vacation" to avoid taking serious measures to avoid spread. Now kids in our area are spreading it. Then it's "just wait until after my holiday trip home... then I'll stay home after that", or "just let me do the one drinking party" or "I just want to meet this group of friends for karaoke and drinking this one... err... three times", etc.

On the plus side, Japan is FINALLY starting to get some free, easy testing nearly two years after most other countries started; albeit it seems to be only during short business hours and in very limited supply in Tokyo.

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Plenty of idiotic 'professionals' out there. 

The problem is with the idiots who refuse to accept facts and reality.

They're called quacks, in the old days.

That's Scott Atlas and he's been exposed to be a quack!

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We accept this will be with us forever, so use common sense in every say life. As far as poss Only go out when you have to, only meet people when you gave to, a course of vitamin D, hands face space

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in every day life

meet people when you have to
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The problem is with the idiots who refuse to accept facts and reality.

Exactly. All those followers who believe the guy who said COVID is a hoax, now telling his cult to get the vax, but too late! They have their own set of 'facts' which aren't and booing him.

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Like everyone else (I hope) I’m hoping that Omicron is the first instance of the virus mutating into something less virulent, but the jury is still out on that. Early signs aren’t bad, though. As an example of what the spread of the virus has done to Christmas - Omicron or Delta - I’m just off to family Christmas lunch now, Tuesday 28th December, the traditional date having to be abandoned due to one of us being exposed to an infection at work and having to wait almost 72 hours for his test result to come back negative. Happy belated Christmas to all.

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Get vaxed, stay alive....

Refuse the vax, and have your will ready.....

It's pretty simple....even the Red State of Texas says unvaccinated people are 20 times more likely to die from COVID-19....

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I for one with enjoy my near years holiday surrounded by many friends and family. I hope everyone else does also.

This ends when people decide to live their life and stop living in fear. Numerous studies have found Omicron to be nothing more than a bad cold. Governments around the globe are reducing or eliminating quarantines and contact tracing when exposed to it. It is having significant impact to industries around the world. We cannot vax our way out of this thing.

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Get vaxed, stay alive....

Refuse the vax, and have your will ready.....

I'll take my chances, thanks.

It's pretty simple....even the Red State of Texas says unvaccinated people are 20 times more likely to die from COVID-19....

It depends on when one was vaccinated. A fully vaccinated person who like, doesn't suffer a heart attack and die, is more protected for a month or two. In Israel the newest data suggests not more than 3. After a 4 or 5 months it seems people vaccinated with the mRNA concoctions at best are equally at risk as unvaxxed but may be more prone to infection, serious illness and death from coronavirus.

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Here is an important reminder: omicron has not replaced delta. They now both exist.

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The omicron hysteria continues,

I have had 2 phizer shots the last on sept 30, not taking any booster shot, if the virus is to stay and we have to live wth it we cannot be having shots every 3 or 4 months as that won't help us build natural defense to fight the virus, it is really getting ridiculous.

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2021 has been a gloomy and lackluster year, a year full of natural disasters of all kinds, 

filled with war warnings from many nations, topped up with global deadly attacks of invisible virus.

Still, humans strive to overcome the odds. 

Hope for the best for 2022 despite the current negative circumstances.

Keep the hope alive, no matter what, no matter how. Perhaps that is our only option..

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