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On COP28 sidelines, philanthropies invest $450 million to help tackle methane

By Valerie Volcovici

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A cool thing about methane is that it can also be used as a fuel. Hope the smart guys figure something out (like putting balloons on cow butts).

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I've seen world methane emissions maps and suprisingly the USA is dotted with multiple small and large emission sources. It won't be easy, and it will cost a mite more than the figures above, even for the US alone, I'd guess.

Vital work, and I wish everyone luck and power to the elbow, as the government drives me to sell the family car.

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It won't help at all with climate problems, but it will help global south to stomp us in the west very much down and bring themselves a very small bit up. Very clever by them, killing all bigger first world economies simply with that imaginary climate vehicle.

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We can note, with approval and considerable relief, a recent study that advances our understanding of atmospheric methane. This is important, as previous studies show that a high percentage of atmospheric methane is derived from oceans, from both the waters and the floors; up to half attributed to 53% mean, from anthropogenic and natural sources (but varying widely).

The newest study, as reported last month in PNAS, indicates that methane has unique isotope characteristics that can be used in a practical way to trace samples back to an origin point source. But it also can be used to understand how long methane does linger in the atmosphere (data varies widely on this), and can be applied on old samples to review the accuracy of past methane modeling (some of which is decades old, and is past due for fresh validation). The authors urge further development on this, as indicators support, overall, recent data that increases in microbial emissions are driving the most recent rise in atmospheric methane. Overall a very good read for the weekend.

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If farmers in Europe are being forced out of production, it is only fair that one of the largest sources of methane, growing rice in paddies, be scaled back equally. There is enough other grains available to feed people.

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What a load of crap!

Thats right!

It is possible to derive energy from excreta which after a process of heating and drying can be used as fuel.

Instead of spending vast sums of money attempting to force behavioral change all we need to do is make processing plants around large cities

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